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Fix: An error was encountered while retrieving page content in Adobe Acrobat

PDFs are one of the most common file formats used online worldwide. While Adobe does a great job of allowing people to edit PDFs seamlessly, it does encounter errors every now and then.

One of the most common errors faced by people while editing PDFs is “an error was encountered while retrieving page content” in Adobe Acrobat.

In this article, we’ve discussed why you see the “an error was encountered while retrieving page content” issue in Adobe Acrobat and possible ways to fix the issue.

Why do you see the error?

Over the past years, people have complained about facing the “an error was encountered while retrieving page content” in Adobe Acrobat while inserting watermarks, header and footers, among other edits in a PDF document.

The most common cause of the error is a corrupt PDF file.

The corruption can be in the file which you’re trying to edit or the one from which you’re adding additional data to the current file. Mostly, it’s the latter but since PDF files are difficult to repair, the exact reason can’t be pinpointed unless you’ve tried one of the following fixes.

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How to fix the Adobe Acrobat error?

Here are five of the most common fixes for ‘an error was encountered while retrieving page content’ in Adobe Acrobat.

Needless to say, before you begin below, try updating your OS and Adobe.

Identify the corrupt file

Since corrupt files are the primary reason you might be staring at this error, try to insert a page from a new file, which should ideally be not corrupted.

If inserting from a ‘good’ file works, the issue is with the second file from which you’re trying to insert things. If not, your primary document is to blame.

Save the PDF with a different name

You can also try saving your PDF with another name or creating a copy and renaming that. This has worked subjectively for people looking for a fix to ‘an error was encountered while retrieving page content’ in Adobe Acrobat.

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Edit the PDF and save, then re-open

You can also try to edit the PDF, save it and then re-open it to see if your modifications were saved. If not,

Use Print (not save as)

Lastly, instead of ‘save as’, Print the combined documents to a new PDF file with a new name. Then open the new PDF file and see if the edits go through

Try to repair the PDF

As mentioned above, it’s challenging to repair a PDF. However, these Adobe forum members have discussed some possibilities that you can try out.

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