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Android app permission system, your privacy and how to control it

Android apps requesting permission to access data and hardware is nothing new as they require this data to function properly.

However modern apps have become alarmingly intrusive to users privacy. An annual study concluded by Arrka consulting — a specialist in data privacy and info security — reports that Indian apps require as much as 45 percent more user permission than their international counterparts.

What’s alarming is that some of the permissions that these apps seek have nothing to do with their core functionality. Why would a banking app need access to your Camera?

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What can we do to stop them?

Thankfully there are ways to keep these intrusive apps at bay by revoking their permissions manually or with the help of managing apps.

Here are some permission monitors and managers that might help you managing permissions of apps on your smartphone. None of these apps requires rooting your phone.

Bouncer- Temporary App permissions (beta)

Can you grant temporary permissions to an Android app? How?

Price: $0.99/₹65

Although in beta, the app is still worthy for the price. It’s a fully autonomous permission manager once set up furthermore, it’s unique and not very resource intensive.

You can find bouncer- Temporary App Permission(Beta) here.

Permission Bar: Floating permission monitor

Can you grant temporary permissions to an Android app? How?

Price: Free/Ad-supported

We like permission bar for its intuitive approach to permission monitoring. It displays a floating monitor to keep track of the permissions used by the app currently on your screen.

You can find Permission Bar: Floating permission monitor here.

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Permission Friendly Apps

Can you grant temporary permissions to an Android app? How?

Price: Free

Permission Friendly Apps is a permission manager that sorts out through your apps and informs you of the permission granted to the apps and it doesn’t require any permission nor does it show any ads!

You can find Permission Friendly Apps here.

App Permission Manager

Can you grant temporary permissions to an Android app? How?

Price: Free/Ad-supported

Apps Permission Manager is smart Permission manager which provides a privacy assessment and categorises apps based on their severity after analysing the installed apps on your device. it also allows the user to revoke permission on a single tap.

You can find App Permission Manager here.

Prices and features are true at the time of writing and may be subject to change we will do our best to keep them updated.

Granting permissions to apps isn’t always a bad idea but it’s smart to be aware of what you’re sharing with these apps to be on the safer side. It is always better to check the permission requirements of the apps before installing them on to your phone.

These apps can help you ensure that your privacy is protected and none of the apps in your smartphone access the permissions that aren’t needed for them to function.

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