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What is App Stack on Android?

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A lot of smartphone manufacturers add their skin to stock Android before shipping their devices. This can sometimes include additional apps to control any functionality the manufacturer has added on top of the existing features or simply bloatware.

In this article, we’re talking about the App Stack on Android, whether or not it is of any use, and whether you should keep it installed on your phone?

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What is App Stack?

Simply put, App Stack is a piece of bloatware put on your phone (mostly Samsung devices) by the manufacturer, which allows you to install or uninstall other apps on your phone. In a sense, it’s an app manager. 

You might even see a 1×1 widget for the App Stack in your widgets menu, but in most cases, it won’t do anything or won’t even appear on the screen. It might give you notifications from time to time as well.

App Stack has another reference too, but it’s unlikely you’ll ever see it if you aren’t a developer. In this sense, AppStack refers to the virtual disk that contains one or more apps that can be assigned to a user as a read-only disk. 

Should you uninstall App Stack?

Yes, totally. 

Apart from not exactly being a very useful app, it lies dormant on your phone, which might not be that big of a problem, but if an exploit for the app comes out, you’re left vulnerable. So, as a general rule of thumb, you shouldn’t keep apps that you don’t regularly use on your phone. 

Apart from that, if you’re facing a storage crunch, kicking the App Stack from your phone can also help save you some storage. 

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