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Apple might discontinue some iPad models in 2024

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If rumours are to be believed, Apple may discontinue some iPad models in March 2024 to simplify the lineup. Apple didn’t release any new iPads in 2023, although we saw several launches at June’s WWDC and the September Scary Fast event.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, a well-known source for Apple-related rumours and news, Apple may streamline its iPad models in the coming year. The iPad product line caters to a diverse range of users. Still, over time, the number of iPad variants has grown to the point of confusion. Simplifying the product line could make it easier for customers to understand and choose the right iPad for their needs.

Apple’s iPad lineup currently comprises five models: iPad 9th generation, iPad 10th generation, iPad mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro in two screen sizes. Each variant is marginally upgraded from the previous one, and there’s not much difference up to a certain point.

When compared to iPads, Macs are quite easy to understand. There are two main MacBook variants: MacBook Pro with two screen sizes of 14 and 16 inches and MacBook Air with 13 and 15-inch screens. There is quite a difference between the two models, with the Pro ones faring high in pricing and capabilities.

According to Gurman, Apple is set to introduce some changes to the iPad Pro models, including an OLED screen, an M3 chip, a new Magic Keyboard accessory and a better design. Meanwhile, the iPad Air will have an M2 chip and some improvements.

The improved Magic Keyboard will only be for the newer iPad Pro models, not for iPad Air. The users of 12.9 inch iPad Air can continue on the same Magic Keyboard, which can be a bit awkward as the camera holes of the Magic Keyboard are designed for iPad Pro 12.9 inch, which looks way bigger than the tiny camera array of iPad Air. Apple might do something about this, too.

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Apple will most probably discontinue the older iPad 9th generation model in 2024.

It is to be noted that both M2 and M3 processors are more than enough for the day-to-day tasks. The real differentiator will be the OLED screen on the iPad Pro models.

After the release of the 11th generation iPad, Apple may also phase out the older 9th generation base model along with the Pencil. This means only two base models will be left: the 10th-generation and the 11th-generation iPad.

Mark Gurman also said Apple may bring the M3 MacBook Airs in a few months, with the company phasing out the M1 MacBook Air.

During the June Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple unveiled a series of new products and software updates. Among the notable releases was the Vision Pro headset, which comes with the new visionOS operating system. The company also launched the 15-inch MacBook Air, iOS 17, M2 Ultra Chip, new Mac Studio, MacPro workstation, and watchOS 10, among others.

In September, Apple conducted the Scary Fast event, releasing three new M3 chips, the M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max, the MacBooks and a 24-inch iMac.

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