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New Macs and AirPods expected to launch at Apple’s October 18 event

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Apple’s next online event is taking place at 10:30 pm (IST) on October 18 and the company is expected to launch a new Macbook, Mac Mini and 3rd-gen AIrpods.

The company SVP of Marketing, Greg Joswiak, teased the event in a video shared on Twitter. The event will stream live on

Going by the reports surrounding upcoming Macbooks by multiple media outlets in the past few months, Apple is anticipated to launch new 14 and 16-inch Macbook Pro models. The ‘unleashed’ event might see the return of HDMI and SD ports on the Mac Pro.

As the company transitions away from Intel chipsets to their in-house Arm-based M1 chips, it’s also expected that a slightly improved version of their proprietary chip might be revealed alongwith the new Macs. According to Bloomberg, the new chip, called the M1X, will have ten CPU cores and 16 or 32 GPU cores. In comparison, the M1 features eight CPU cores and seven or eight GPU cores.

Apple’s proprietary M1 chips were launched last year

A new higher-end Mac Mini might also feature in the event and is expected to run the M1X processor. The redesigned Mini might feature more USB and Thunderbolt ports.

The third-gen AIrpods, which were expected to launch at Apple’s September event, might also feature in the lineup of announcements Apple might have in store for us. The new Airpods are expected to feature a smaller stem and case.

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CT Editorial Team

CT Editorial Team