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Apple recalls its wall chargers; Don’t worry unless you bought one between 2003-2010

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Apple is recalling and exchanging a bunch of its AC wall plug adapters and Apple World Travel adapter kits, which are primarily used in UK, Singapore and Hong Kong, due to a defect that can create the risk of electric shock.

It has been found that the three-prong Apple wall plug adapters shipped with Mac and specific iOS devices between 2003 and 2010 can create a risk of an electrical shock if broken.

Besides, these defective wall chargers were also included in the Apple World Travel adapter kit. So far, there have been six reported incidents where these malfunctioning Apple wall plugs have caused harm.

Note that this recall doesn’t affect the USB Apple power adapters. The Cupertino-based tech giant has requested all the customers to stop using the proprietary AC wall plug adapter — delivered with their Mac or iOS purchase dating between 2003-2010 — and exchange them for new ones.

It’s important to bear in mind that the Apple AC Wall Plug Adapter Recall Program isn’t limited to UK, Singapore and Honk Kong, as wall adapters in the following places might also have been affected: Continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Argentina and Brazil.

“Because customer safety is a top priority, Apple is asking customers to stop using affected plug adapters. An affected three-prong plug adapter is white, with no letters on the inside slot where it attaches to the main Apple power adapter,” the company stated.

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How to exchange your faulty Apple AC wall adapter?

Apple recalls its wall chargers sold between 2003-10: How to exchange?Determine accurately if you have the affected three-prong Apple wall adapter. The affected ones are entirely white with no letters on the slot which attaches to the power adapter, while the ones with markings at the same spot on a grey background are the new ones and aren’t affected.

Keep the serial number of your Apple device handy with which the faulty wall adapter shipped as Apple will verify your Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod’s serial number to process the wall adapter exchange. Once you have that, do one of the following:

  • Find an authorised Apple service provider
  • Make an appointment at the Apple Retail Store
  • Contact Apple Support

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