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Top 5 apps to help you monitor your Android device’s battery health

Modern Android phone batteries have come a long way since its inception, but as current smartphones become more capable than ever, their battery usage also increases. Most modern smartphones struggle to last until the end of the day with some moderate usage from an average user.

Without a battery that performs well for long periods, using a smartphone can become challenging. Poor charging habits and negligence can cause the battery to deteriorate faster. So here we bring you five apps that could help you monitor your Android device’s battery health.


Top 5 apps to help you monitor your Android device's battery health

Price: Free (Contains Ads)/In-App purchase

AccuBattery has been a fan favourite for a long time. It offers real-time monitoring while you are plugged into your charger — so you’ll know what exactly is happening when you are charging plus how much you’re wearing out your battery with each session. It also features a charging alarm so that you don’t overcharge your phone.

You can find AccuBattery here

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Battery Doctor – Battery Life Saver & Battery Cooler

Top 5 apps to help you monitor your Android device's battery health

Price: Free(Contains Ads)

Battery Doctor is another fan favourite. Not only does it offer battery health monitoring data similar to AccuBattery, but it also claims to cool your phone down while you’re checking the stats. What it mostly does is clear out background apps and pause sync features to help the phone charge more efficiently and without heat — hence theoretically cooling it down too.

You can find Battery Doctor here

Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver & Booster 

Top 5 apps to help you monitor your Android device's battery health

Price: Free

The world-renowned security giant also joins the list with their Kaspersky Battery Life app, which not only helps you monitor your battery’s health but, as the name suggests, also saves and boosts your battery life. Kaspersky achieves this with efficient memory management. You can choose to disable this feature or even whitelist some apps that you wouldn’t mind running in the background.

You can find Kaspersky Battery Life here

DU Battery Saver – Battery Charger and Battery Life

Top 5 apps to help you monitor your Android device's battery health

Price: Free (Contains Ads)

Although the tag might be a bit confusing, DU Battery Saver is one of the most downloaded battery monitoring and saving apps you can find. DU Battery Saver uses a smart optimiser to hibernate your apps to cool it down and save power with a single button. It also offers custom power saving profiles to extend your battery life.

You can find DU Battery Saver here

GSam Battery Monitor

Top 5 apps to help you monitor your Android device's battery health

Price: Free(Contains Ads)

If you like going through detailed statistics of your battery, then GSam Battery Monitor is your best pick. GSam Battery Monitor offers all sorts of details about your battery and your usage provided that you go through a cycle of charge first. Similar to Android’s battery consumption by app chart (in the device’s Settings) GSam offers a much more detailed version of it dubbed the “App Sucker” which would help you decide the fate of that app on your phone.

You can find GSam Battery Monitor here

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Tips to maintain a healthy battery

Before you leave here are some simple tips to maintain healthy battery life on your Android.

  • It may sound counterproductive but turn off your data when you’re not using it.
  • Clear out unused apps.
  • Do not use your phone while it’s charging.
  • Use manufacturer approved accessories and charging equipment.
  • Do not overcharge.

There you go our top 5 apps and tips to monitor and save your battery on your Android.

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