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All the Atom keyboard shortcuts that you need to know

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Atom is an open-source source code and text editor, developed by GitHub, which works on Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is developed by GitHub.

In this article, we will listed all the Atom keyboard shortcuts for Windows, Linux as well as Mac. This is an extensive list of Atom keyboard shortcuts for Windows, Linux and Mac. If you’re looking for a specific keyboard shortcut, consider looking for it via the Ctrl+F browser shortcut to find in a page. If you’re using a mobile browser, click on the ‘triple-dot’ menu and tap on Find in Page.

As most of the keyboard shortcuts are same for macOS, Linux and Windows, so if you are macOS user then you just have to press Cmd instead of Ctrl, unless specified otherwise.

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General Atom keyboard shortcuts

Common Atom keyboard shortcutsDescription
Ctrl + , (comma)Setting and Preferences
Shift + Ctrl + POpen or close Command palette
Ctrl + P or Ctrl + TOpen Fuzzy finder
Ctrl + BBrowse open tabs
Ctrl + Pageup button (Windows and Linux) | Alt + Cmd + Left arrow button (Mac)Open previous tab
Ctrl + Pagedown button (Windows Linux) | Alt + Cmd + Right arrow button (Mac)Open next tab
Ctrl + Shift + LGrammar selector
Ctrl + Shift + MOpen Markdown preview
Ctrl + . (Full stop)To resolve the key bindings
Ctrl + K or Ctrl + B or Ctrl + \Toggle file Tree view in Atom
Alt + Ctrl + R (Windows and Linux); Alt + Cmd + L (Mac)Reload the Editor in Atom
Ctrl + Alt + IOpen the Chrome Developer Tools
Alt + Shift + SShow the available Snippets

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Window Management keyboard shortcuts in Atom

Atom keyboard shortcuts for Windows ManagementDescription
Ctrl + NOpen a new file in a new tab
Ctrl + Shift + NOpen a new window
Ctrl + OOpen a file
Ctrl + Shift + OOpen a folder
Ctrl + SSave the active file
Ctrl + Shift + SSave the file under a different name
Alt + Cmd +S (macOS)Save all files
Ctrl + WClose the active tab
Ctrl + Shift + WClose the window
Ctrl + K + arrow button of the direction in which you want to split the tabSplit the tab in any direction
Ctrl + K + Ctrl + arrow button of the direction in which you want to split the tabChange the Focus pane
F11 (Windows and Linux); Ctrl + Cmd + F (macOS)Switch to Full screen

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Editing keyboard shortcuts in Atom

Atom keyboard shortcuts for EditingDescription
Ctrl + Shift + DMake a duplicate of the current line
Ctrl + Shift + KDelete the current line:
Ctrl + Up arrow buttonMove the line up
Ctrl + Down arrow buttonMove the current line down
Ctrl + FOpen Find/Replace panel
F3 (Windows and Linux); Cmd + G (macOS)Move forward in the search results:

Shift + F3 (Windows and Linux); Shift + Cmd + G (Mac)
Move backwards in the search results:
Ctrl + Shift + FOpen Find panel in Project
Ctrl + GGo to the line
Ctrl + MGo to the matching bracket panel
Ctrl + LSelect the current line
Ctrl + /buttonOpen comment
Ctrl + Alt + arrow button of the direction in which you want to select the columnSelect the column
Ctrl + DSelect the same words
Ctrl + UTo undo the selection
Alt + F3 (Windows and Linux); Cmd + Ctrl + G (macOS)Select all same words at once
Ctrl + RTo open the Symbol palette
Ctrl + Space buttonTo show Auto-completion
Ctrl + Alt + open or close bracket (Windows and Linux) | Option + Cmd + () (Open or close bracket; Mac)To Fold/Unfold sections of the code:
Ctrl + K then Ctrl + 0-9 number keysTo Fold/Unfold an indentation level

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