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Top 7 must-have apps for Apple Watch

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Like any other smartwatch, Apple Watch is all about applications that help make the most out of the device — getting as much functionality as possible. If you’re looking for apps for your Apple Watch but can’t zero-in on many, to make life easier for you here we have compiled a list of the seven best must-have apps that you should definitely install on your Apple Watch to make it handier for your day-to-day experience.

Here are top 7 apps for Apple Watch; one each from the areas like fitness, weather, podcast, planning, chat, games and relaxation.


Developer: Overcast Radio LLC | Size: 14.7 MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases. Overcast is the best podcast app for the Apple Watch as it grants full playback control directly from your Apple Watch. The controls enable you to play or pause podcasts episodes alongwith skipping forward and going back in your playlist.

With an ability to sync your downloaded podcast episodes to your watch, this app lets you have access to your podcast library while you’re away from your iPhone. You can listen to your favourite podcast on connected Bluetooth headphones or the Apple Watch’s speaker.

Download Overcast here

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Carrot Fit

Developer: Grailr LLC | Size: 41.9 MB | Price: $4.99.Carrot is known for its dark humour and sarcastic undertones in the array of apps they offer. Carrot Fit, as the name suggests, is a fitness app with hilarious AI construct. The app doesn’t know how to be polite when it comes to workouts as it will call you names — including my watch’s favourite ‘meatbag’ — to your face. Carrot Fit specialises in high-intensity workouts.

You just need to push the start button, and it will do whatever it takes from insulting, threatening or even bribing you and that’s only when the app’s algorithm still hasn’t given up on your and is seemingly in a good mood. If you complete a workout successfully, you’ll be rewarded with exciting app upgrades. All in all, if tough love works for you when working out, Carrot Fit will too.

Download Carrot Fit here

Carrot Weather

Developer: Grailr LLC | Size: 157.7 MB | Price: $4.99 + in-app purchases.Another one from Carrot’s stable; and keeping up with the trend, Carrot Weather’s dialogue, character and scenery changes in unexpected ways. It uses Dark Sky’s accurate weather data to keep you updated on current, hourly and daily basis. If you upgrade with in-app purchases, it will use data from other known providers like AccuWeather with added sarcastic undertones.

This app is fun to have on your wrist as it saves you by warning you from being burnt in the sun or laughing at you when it starts to pour.

Download Carrot Weather here

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Fantastical 2

Developer: Flexibits Inc. | Size: 100.4 MB | Price: Free. Fantastical is an excellent way of organising your events as you do with Apple’s calendar app. This app allows you to view, delete and add new events from your Apple Watch, making it easier without pulling the phone out of your pocket.

With the ability to recognise Siri’s voice, the app responds to commands like  ‘lunch with Joe’ as it adds it to the events automatically. It has a force touch feature to access commands and dictate.

Download Fantastical 2 here

WatchChat 2

Developer: Alexander Nowak | Size: 50.9 MB | Price: $2.99.Watchchat 2 is the best app for having your Whatsapp chats on your wrist. While there is no official app from Whatsapp for Apple Watch, this app lets you read all your conversations on the watch, including group chats.

You can also reply to your friends and family using the keyboard, quick replies, dictation and scribble. It allows you to listen to your voice notes and view Whatsapp pictures.

Download Watchchat 2 here

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Trivia Crack

Developer: Etermax | Size: 405.9 MB | Price: Free.While productivity is key to life, relaxing now and then is the key to increasing your productivity. Trivia Crack is one of the best apps if you like trivia.

You can compete with your friends and answer questions in six categories while collecting rewards as you proceed. You can also play this game with your friends online via Apple Watch without touching the phone.

Download Trivia Crack here


Developer: Headspace Inc. | Size: 118.4 MB | Price: Free. Headspace is one of the best apps for relaxation and relieving stress. Having this an app on your wrist can help you calm down in difficult moments. You can choose from two different options which are an SOS session or a touch-based session. The SOS session lasts three minutes and offers audio to help you meditate.

The touch-based session asks you to place your finger on the watch’s screen with a particular level of force which will help you calm your mind. It also provides features like ‘mindful moments’ to keep you present throughout the day and two to three-minute mini-meditation sessions for a quick mental reset.

Download the Headspace app here

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