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Top 7 Audible alternatives

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Audible is one of the largest audiobook platforms available in the world. While it is on the pricier side of audiobook services, it does have the features to justify the price. Purchasing a membership plan offers hefty discounts, and the overall experience is intuitive and enjoyable. However, if you’re looking for something cheaper that works as well, here’s a list of the best Audible alternatives.

Audiobooks Now

Top 7 Audible alternatives you must check out | Candid.TechnologyAudiobooks Now is a service with a low entry barrier and a good collection of free titles. The diverse selection of 85,000 audiobooks are available on iOS, Android and works seamlessly on browsers as well. Not all the titles are DRM protected, making the service well-rounded.

You can find the link to Audiobooks Now here

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Nook Audiobooks

Top 7 Audible alternatives you must check out | Candid.Technology

While Barnes and Nobles have been competing with Amazon’s Kindle, B&N came up with Nook to compete with Audible. They offer a collection of over 60,000 titles, with a clean and minimalist UI. There is no subscription plan, making consumers pay for what they read. Nook is a good option for the occasional reader, but not for a prolific one.

You can find Nook Audiobooks here


Top 7 Audible alternatives you must check out | Candid.TechnologyDownpour has an extensive collection of content that is entirely DRM free. It also comes with the option for audiobook rentals, like renting movies. Rental plans vary from 30-60 days, and rental prices are considerably lower than the amount you’d pay to purchase the audiobooks. Membership plans are priced reasonably too.

You can find Downpour here

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Top 7 Audible alternatives you must check out | Candid.TechnologyScribd has a team of editors and directors in-house who work on content ranging from e-books, newspapers, magazines, audiobooks and more. Instead of paying for an audiobook service alone, Scribd allows access to all the features mentioned above, with a nominal subscription fee. Credits are available for premium content, with access to news services likes Time, NYT and WSJ.

You can find Scribd here


Top 7 Audible alternatives you must check out | Candid.TechnologyPlayster offers a lot of content, and a subscription provides access to audiobooks, movies, music and e-books. You can own a limitless amount of books, while your membership is active. Playster doesn’t work on the credit system. Instead, it works on keeping prices at an acceptable standard to cater to the needs of prolific and enthusiastic readers.

You can find Playster here

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Top 7 Audible alternatives you must check out | Candid.TechnologyeStories features over 120,000 titles, featuring recent titles from famous writers. The pricing is a little high, but there is a variety of exclusive content, making the payment worth it if you’re serious about audiobooks. Membership allows for five connected devices, with lots of offers available to first-time consumers.

You can find eStories here

Google Play Audiobooks

How to change the country in Google Play Store? FAQs answeredGoogle Play Audiobooks provides basic features like listening at 2x speed, sleep timer, sync across multiple devices and more. The audiobooks are available in 45 countries and nine languages, but the content is a little lacking, compared to the competition. There’s no subscription fee, and each audiobook has its price. There is the optional feature to have audiobooks played over Google Home products, much like Amazon’s Echo feature-set.

You can find Google Play Audiobooks here

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Prathik Jayaprakash

Prathik Jayaprakash