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Top 7 homework planner Android apps for students

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A teacher might teach only two or three subjects, but a student is expected to keep up to date track for all his subjects including project, classwork, homework, competitions, among others, for all of their subjects. The students also wish to spend some quality time with their friends and family. So from such a busy schedule, it becomes difficult for students to keep a record for all the assignments given to them.

A homework planner can be your saviour as time management is key to getting your work done on time and also having some for yourself. Downloading a homework planner app can help students to keep the record of their homework alongwith its deadline, which would help them keep track of things that need to be completed. Below we’ve listed the seven best homework apps for Android users.

Student Planner- Homework Agenda & Notes

Top 7 homework planner apps for students available on AndroidThis is a primitive homework app that also manages notes alongwith the homework. It also keeps track of assignments, projects, and to-do lists. The layout of the app is pretty minimal and features an organised pending list. When a task is completed, you can tick across it to mark it as complete and remove from the item from the pending list.

The tasks planned out have a progress bar with them which you can update accordingly. This progress bar will help you understand the task without opening it. The bonus point is that the app allows you to attach media files to your tasks.

You can find Student Planner here

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Student Planner

Top 7 homework planner apps for students available on Android

This app has an amazing and intuitive UI. For the students who make study plans here is a piece of good news for you all. This app allows you to store your class schedule or your study schedule.

The app is straightforward to operate all you need to do is add the subjects then the assignments or the other tasks provided for the following subject. You can set a particular date, and the app will continuously keep reminding you about the deadlines. Once the job is done, you can swipe to remove it.

You can find Student Planner here


Top 7 homework planner apps for students available on AndroidEgenda can be proved to be convenient once used. It is very easy to handle this app. After installing, add the subjects that you have then add all the assignments, homework, quizzes, projects, and more.

The app will remind you about your deadlines. Once done with the task, you can swipe to remove it. Though you cant, add your schedule but the best feature of the app is that it shows you what you have on your plate for a month like a summary.

You can find Egenda here

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Top 7 homework planner apps for students available on AndroidOnce you install this app from the Play store, it will ask you to fill the subjects along with the teacher’s name. Although the setup process of Chalkboard is a little longer than those mentioned above the app is nowhere tedious, the app provides you with a satisfying output.

On the home page in the classes tab, you can see your upcoming classes. On the home page itself, you may also see the Event tab. This tab will show you all your unfinished homework, assignments, and other upcoming tasks. You can also add other tasks if required.

You can find Chalkboard here

School Planner

Top 7 homework planner apps for students available on AndroidThis app has numerous features, which includes keeping a record of your grades, attendance, adds teachers’ contacts, adds recorded lectures, among others. So aside from managing your homework, the above-discussed things are also what the app does for its users.

The setup process may be a bit tedious because you may have to enter every detail related to a particular subject. You can also back up your data via Google Drive. The app will completely surprise you with its capabilities. Though the app is free, yet it provides super amazing features.

You can find School Planner here

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My Study Life

Top 7 homework planner apps for students available on AndroidThe app has a unique feature called web app that will help you to access your data from any devices if it has a browser with them. The app has a goal centric UI like those fitness apps. The trackers will keep you updated with how much of the task is completed and how much is still left.

The calendar view feature of the app helps you to view timetable and deadlines and shows all your classes and assignments, projects as a summary. So if you want to access your planner from anywhere, you can surely download this app which will help you to view your planner from any devices which have a browser.

You can find My Study Life here

iStudiez Pro

Top 7 homework planner apps for students available on AndroidThis app is in sync with Google Calander, which allows you to directly get all your holidays, exam schedule and your routine from Google Calendar itself. The app has features like that of the student planner, but the initialisation is relatively short.

You can find iStudiez Pro here

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