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Top 11 Bluetooth speakers under INR 5000 in India

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Top 11 Bluetooth speakers under INR 5000 in India

The market for Bluetooth speakers has been ever-expanding for the past few years, and with good reason. Higher quality speakers are now available for lower prices, offering unique features and portability. While headphones and earphones are viable for private music sessions, some occasions call for room-filling audio that only a speaker with enough oomph can provide.

Bluetooth speakers happen to be the perfect investment since they’re compatible with almost all modern devices, can be charged and carried to parties, and also double up as speakerphones. Purchasing a good Bluetooth speaker doesn’t need you to shell out of a lot of money, with really decent options starting from super low prices.

Here’s a list of the 11 best Bluetooth speakers that are priced under INR 5000.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

Top 11 Bluetooth speakers under INR 5000 in IndiaPrice: INR 4999

The UE Wonderboom is for those who want a speaker that can do it all. They come in a wide range of funky colours and offer 360-degree spatial sound. Flaunting an IPX7 rating, the Wonderboom is waterproof, drop-proof and dust resistant. 10 hours of battery life on a single charge ensure that the party doesn’t stop anytime soon, and the button placements are practical. The UE Wonderboom can also pair with another Wonderboom unit, allowing users to party louder and harder.

You can find the UE Wonderboom here

JBL Flip 3

Top 11 Bluetooth speakers under INR 5000 in IndiaPrice: INR 4499

The JBL Flip 3 Stealth isn’t the most modern speaker out there, but it has proved to be a reliable and feature-rich speaker. The introduction of the Flip 4 and Flip 5 led to further discounts on the existing Flip 3, sweetening the deal even further. The Flip 3 has a 3000 mAh battery, which promises 10 hours of playback on a single charge.

The IPX7 rating and in-built microphone make it perfect for carrying around. JBL Connect support allows sync with multiple JBL speakers and party harder with friends. JBL’s Bass Radiator provides super clear and distortion-free low-end tones. Voice Assistant integration with support for both Siri and Google Assistant is just the icing on top of the cake.

You can find JBL Flip 3 here

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Philips EverPlay 10W

Top 11 Bluetooth speakers under INR 5000 in IndiaPrice: INR 4999

The Philips EverPlay 10W is a premium, feature-rich and durable speaker that’s available for a mind-blowing price. The speaker comes with anti-clipping technology, that allows for distortion-free music at high volumes. Quick Charge 3.0 support allows for fast charging, and an IP57 rating ensures that the speaker can withstand exposure to dust, water and drops. Philips claims the EverPlay can last about 10 hours on a single charge, and the speaker also has an in-built battery level indicator. It also comes with an in-built microphone and a USB cable that doubles as a strap for easy mounting.

You can find Philips EverPlay 10W here

Boat Stone 1400

Top 11 Bluetooth speakers under INR 5000 in IndiaPrice: INR 4999

If you’re a consumer who can trade portability for sound quality, the boAt Stone 1400 is the speaker for you. The speaker uses large, 70mm drivers that provide sound quality that’s unheard of in this price range. boAt promises 7 hours of playback with a single charge, and the charging interface is USB Type-C. There’s an integrated flat strap for portability and an IPX5 rating for protection from the elements. The integrated controls are easy to access and well laid out, while the built-in mic promises stellar audio recording capabilities.

You can find boAt Stone 1400 here

JBL Tuner

Top 11 Bluetooth speakers under INR 5000 in IndiaPrice: INR 4299

The JBL Tuner tries to revive a dying tradition, by building a Bluetooth speaker with an FM Digital Tuner. The Tuner allows you to enjoy traditional FM radio stations with RDS but doesn’t compromise on modernity and comes with Bluetooth 4.1. It comes with a vast amount of buttons to control playback, and also a set of 5 FM direct preset buttons to tune into your favourite stations instantly. The scrolling backlit LCD screen 8-hour battery life make it the perfect travel companion.

You can find JBL Tuner here

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Boat Aavante 15 30W

Top 11 Bluetooth speakers under INR 5000 in IndiaPrice: INR 4599

The boAt Aavante 15 30 W is a simple, no-nonsense speaker for those who don’t want to be neck-deep in features. The speaker comes with a stereo system and 30W drivers. Featuring Bluetooth 4.2 and aux connectivity, this speaker is a simple one that has a simple set of integrated buttons and good sound quality. True wireless technology allows the boAt Aavante 15 to pair with another unit and allow simultaneous stereo playback.

You can find boAt Aavante 15 30W here

Sony SRS-XB12 10W

Top 11 Bluetooth speakers under INR 5000 in IndiaPrice: INR 3799

Sony’s SRS-XB12 10 W is an ultraportable speaker that offers stellar battery life and durability. The speaker enhances low-end tones, providing a bass boost despite its compact nature. It comes with an IP67 rating, making it waterproof and dustproof. The small and light design, integrated carrying strap and 16-hour battery life make it the perfect speaker to take your music on-the-go.

You can find Sony SRS-XB12 10W here

JBL Clip 3

Top 11 Bluetooth speakers under INR 5000 in IndiaPrice: INR 2399

The JBL Clip 3 is an ultra-portable speaker that comes with an integrated carabiner, hence the name. Don’t let the compact size fool you, though, as the Clip 3 comes with JBL signature sound. Deep bass and 10 hours of battery life make this a viable outdoor travel companion. JBL also threw in an IPX7 rating and voice assistant integration for good measure. The in-built noise-cancelling microphone promises crystal clear audio for calls. Despite the size, Clip 3 allows 3.5mm audio jack input aside from the standard Bluetooth 4.1.

You can find JBL Clip 3 here

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Portronics Breeze Plus 20W

Top 11 Bluetooth speakers under INR 5000 in IndiaPrice: INR 2549

The Portronics Breeze Plus 20W is an inexpensive speaker that offers the higher tier features of other products at a competitive and attractive price. The cylindrical, mesh design provides a clean aesthetic, and the large and clicky buttons suit the overall design theme. Portronics didn’t skimp on durability, providing an IPX6 rating and also a 3.5mm audio input besides Bluetooth. The 20W speaker unit offers a balanced sound signature that sounds pleasing, and the and 7-hour battery life makes this deal irresistible. 

You can find Portronics Breeze Plus 20W here

Mivi Octave

Top 11 Bluetooth speakers under INR 5000 in IndiaPrice: INR 2699

The Mivi Octave is a well-built speaker with dual drivers and a passive subwoofer. 360° spatial audio support and TWS support have this speaker punching above its weight without difficulty. An IPX5 rating and rugged design protect it from the elements. Mivi offers 10-hours of playback on a single charge, an integrated microphone and a dedicated 3.5mm input. 

You can find Mivi Octave here

Mi Bluetooth Speaker Basic 2

Top 11 Bluetooth speakers under INR 5000 in IndiaPrice: INR 1799

If you’re looking for a speaker that doesn’t break the bank but one that doesn’t compromise on sound quality, the Mi Bluetooth Speaker Basic 2 is a good option to consider. It covers all necessary bases with Bluetooth 4.2, a dedicated 3.5mm jack input and an integrated microphone. Being this inexpensive, it still comes with a matte aluminium frame and tactile buttons. The stereo speaker unit offers clean and balanced audio, while also being portable enough to carry outdoors comfortably.

You can find Mi Bluetooth Speaker Basic 2 here

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Prathik Jayaprakash

Prathik Jayaprakash