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How to change the shutter speed on a Canon DSLR?

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Controlling the shutter speed is one the most crucial part when taking a picture. Shutter speed plays with an essential component of an image — light —  which allows us to make multitudes of creative decisions for the image and hence, is extremely important to master.

If you’re still learning the ropes of photography, in this article, we’ll see how to change the shutter speed on a Canon DSLR using two methods — via the control wheel and the info screen.

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Changing shutter speed on Canon

There are two ways you can manipulate the shutter speed on your camera.

Using the control wheel

Since shutter speed is perhaps the most crucial component of creating an image, the shutter speed setting is directly mapped to the default control wheel of your camera.

How to change the shutter speed on a Canon DSLR?

If your camera has multiple control wheels, the primary one will be mapped to the Shutter Speed.

Note that this setting only implies in Manual or Shutter Speed priorty mode. Other modes might change the button assignment.

Using the Info Screen

The second way of changing your camera’s shutter speed (and pretty much everything else) is through the info screen.

Press the ‘Q’ button on your camera. If you have a touchscreen model, you’ll find the button on-screen. Once you press the button, you can then go ahead and select the shutter speed icon, and then you can choose the desired shutter speed.

How to change the shutter speed on a Canon DSLR?
Press the ‘Q’ button and then select the shutter speed option

Note that all these methods may vary according to the mode of your camera. For example, in Manual mode, all these methods will work fine; however, if you’re in Full Auto, none of these might work. Always keep a check on which camera mode you’re in before changing the settings.

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