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Top 7 coding games

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Programming is a must-have skill set in almost every job sector. Everything requires some amount of programming today. There are plenty of websites and apps that can help you learn how to code, but there are ways you can learn to code in a fun, interactive way. There are many coding games which can help you learn different languages. Here is a list of seven games that can help you learn how to code.


Top 7 Coding games: For beginners and advanced codersCodeCombat is a web app with games such as puzzles and challenges that can be solved by writing codes only. It has a progressive format with a smooth pace, ensuring that the user can understand lessons completely. When you reach an advanced level of the game, you can even build your own levels with the game. You can learn CoffeeScript, JavaScript or Python while your character gains experience points, completing mini-quests along the way by writing code.  

CodeCombat also has a ‘Classroom Edition’ through which teachers can make their students learn to program and track the progress of individual students. All web browsers support CodeCombat.

You can find CodeCombat here.

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Ruby Warrior

Top 7 Coding games: For beginners and advanced coders

The game revolves around the story of saving Ruby, hero’s lover, from the top of the tower by cracking different codes, from syntax to AI programming. The game is exciting and keeps you engaged for a long time and makes sure you learn various aspects of programming language. Ruby Warrior requires you to create an account on the website, which will save your game progress.

You can find Ruby Warrior here.

Elevator Saga

Top 7 Coding games: For beginners and advanced codersJust as its name, Elevator Saga is a game with a virtual elevator bank, which has individual challenges such as transporting ten people in 30 seconds. You need to write code in JavaScript with the help of pre-defined functions, for the movement of the elevator and finish the challenge. One needs to write correct codes to pass levels, and if you write the codes well, the difficulty level increases. All web browsers support elevator Saga.

You can find the Elevator Saga here.

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Top 7 Coding games: For beginners and advanced codersIt is a programming game in which you program robot tanks that fight against each other. You will have to write AI code that drives the robot in your preferred languages such as Java, or .NET. The RoboCode has a development environment, a built-in robot editor, and Java compiler. RoboCode is an open-code website and is updated regularly.

You can find RoboCode here.

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Top 7 Coding games: For beginners and advanced codersCheckiO is meant for beginners and advanced coders and assigns your task to build your base by solving challenges using Python or JavaScript. Build a base and attack enemies through programming and be at the top of the leader board. CheckiO also has a user community that ensures you are on the right path. You can sign in with an email address or use Google, Github or Facebook account. All major browsers support CheckiO.

You can find CheckiO here.


Top 7 Coding games: For beginners and advanced codersCodeMonkey is best for beginners as it provides easy quizzes along with cartoon characters to solve. It teaches how to code from very basics and has a classroom version that can be helpful for teachers. It also includes an answer key for puzzles in the game itself. You can also create your own apps through CodeMonkey.

You can find CodeMonkey here.

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Top 7 Coding games: For beginners and advanced codersCodewars is a unique way of learning how to program. It offers courses in over 20 languages such as PHP, C++, Java, Python, SQL, and many more. You train in a virtual dojo, practising kata exercises. You can also view the solution of other players for the same problem and learn different languages. Codewars also allows a user to interact with each other in the community and increase their skill set.

You can find Codewars here.

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