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Top 8 apps to help you learn to code

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The world is increasingly becoming interconnected via the powerful worldwide web and at the heart of the internet lies coding. It is one of the most sought after jobs in the world, which like any other skill-based job requires proper training and practice. It is a must-have skill set these days, and there are various ways like websites and apps that can assist you in learning how to code. Here are the top 8 apps that will help you learn to programme.


Top 8 apps to learn coding for beginners and advanced programmersWinning the Editor’s choice award on Playstore, Mimo is one of the best apps to learn how to code. Mimo offers courses on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Java, Swift, C++, SQL, and PHP. You can learn at your own pace by solving short exercises and working on real-life projects.

You also get immediate feedback from a mentor. Mimo also allows you to choose the expertise level like beginner or intermediate.

You can get Mimo here.

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Top 8 apps to learn coding for beginners and advanced programmersEncode is a very popular coding app for beginners. Powered by JavaScript, Encode has an interactive code editor that looks basic at first glance but can provide in-depth knowledge of coding. Encode teaches you starting from the very basics of coding and takes to advance levels gradually.

The lessons in Encode are short, keeping the learner engaged and interested. After every lesson, the app provides feedback. This app is only available for the Android platform.

You can find Encode here.


Top 8 apps to learn coding for beginners and advanced programmersOne of the best apps in the education genre, Udemy offers courses in different languages like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and Python. The courses on Udemy are instructed by experts. Some courses are free on this app, while others are paid.

If you pay for a certain course, you will get feedback from the mentor and you can make connections with other students. Udemy offers a more intensive way of learning to code.

You can find Udemy here.


Top 8 apps to learn coding for beginners and advanced programmersIf you are thinking Udemy too advanced for you, and you need something more relaxed, Tynker is the way to go. It is a kid-friendly app with a lot of graphics designed for children but is suitable for everyone who wishes to start learning to code.

Tynker allows you to build games by using puzzles with the help of basic coding. Tynker is good for learning Python and JavaScript.

You can find Tynker here.

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Khan Academy

Top 8 apps to learn coding for beginners and advanced programmers

Khan Academy is one of the most popular apps to learn coding, in addition to various subjects. Khan Academy is free of cost and has over 6000 videos about the fundamentals of computer science.

Available for both Android and iOS users, it offers courses about major coding languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL. Alongwith video tutorials, it also provides exercises for practice.

You can find Khan Academy here.


Top 8 apps to learn coding for beginners and advanced programmersCodeHub is a very simple and light app for users who want to learn Web, HTML5, CSS3. Consisting of  50 lessons in total, this app lets you divide the lessons according to personal preferences.

You can also choose a category that fits you from the predefined levels. You can skip levels if you already know about the content of that level. Asking query is also very simple on CodeHub, you just have to press a button to submit your problem.

You can find CodeHub here.


Top 8 apps to learn coding for beginners and advanced programmersSoloLearn is a pack of apps, each made for specific programming languages. SoloLearn has a very simple way of teaching beginning from the basics of coding.

Programming is taught with the help of short texts and quizzes. There are certain checkpoints that a user goes through and a user gets scores after every section. The scores are then posted on an online leaderboard that keeps the users motivated as it becomes a competition.

You can find SoloLearn here.

Programming Hub

Top 8 apps to learn coding for beginners and advanced programmersProgramming hub has a large collection of programming and whole course materials with over 1800 programs in more than 17 languages. The course has been designed by experts making the entire learning process easier. You can design simple apps through Programming Hub.

You can find Programming Hub here.

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