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Top 7 cycling apps for iPhone

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You can access a lot of information through your smartphone with just some clicks. There are a lot of fitness apps that you might have come across. If you need assistance while cycling, then below mentioned are seven of the most incredible cycling apps that will make your experience awesome. 


Developer: Strava Inc | Size: 161 MB | Price:  Free. Offers in-app purchases

The real-time feature offered by Strava tells you how fast you are tracking on the segment selected by you. You can map a cycling route and also analyse your training with all the stats. On the Strava feed, you can record your bike ride and share it with friends who can comment on the post.

Download the Strava app here

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Developer: Zwift Inc | Size: 1.7 GB | Price:  Free. Offers in-app purchases

The app blends the intensity of your training, alongwith some fun video games. Riders across the world can compete with each other and ride with each other. The app offers you built-in workouts and training plans that will help you attain your fitness goals. Your activity data is saved to Apple Health. 

Download the Zwift app here

Rouvy AR

Developer: SportSoft spol sro | Size: 176.3 MB | Price:  Free.

This indoor cycling app offers a variety of real-life routes and courses. Recordings of the road alongwith elevation data help you get an interactive riding experience. The app is known for generating animated 3D riders in some courses to help you race digitally.

Download the Rouvy AR app here

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Wahoo Fitness

Developer: Wahoo Fitness Llc | Size: 345.9 MB | Price:  Free

The app lets you easily pair with Bluetooth sensors like that of heart rate sensors, progressive power-meters, speed sensors, and much more. GPS helps you to record your cycling data. You also get a proper calorie burnt count. 

Download the Wahoo Fitness app here


Developer: Abvio Inc | Size: 104.6 MB | Price:  Free. Offers in-app purchases

This app turns into a cycling computer with maps, graphs, splits, intervals, laps, announcements, zones, training plans, and much more; all you need to do is to keep it on the handlebar for your comfort.  The app provides you with post-ride analysis. The recorded data stays on your device and you don’t need to log into any site. The pie charts and view bar offers a summary of all your workouts.

Download the Cyclemeter app here

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Developer: Komoot Gmbh. | Size: 146.9 MB | Price:  Free. Offers in-app purchases

You can plan your road, mountain, and gravel bike rides with the help of Komoot. The app will tell you how difficult the route is, what fitness is required, and what road surfaces you’ll come across. After starting the ride, the app will give you information like the speed, distance travelled by you, distance left to cover, and more. 

Download the Komoot app here

Map My Ride

Developer: Under Armour Inc | Size: 300.7 MB | Price:  Free. Offers in-app purchases

This app not only tracks your ride but also keep a track of your weight, nutrition, and much more.  For every mile you ride, you will get feedback and stats that will help you to improve your performance. The personal training plan will help you reach your cycling goals. 

Download the Map My Ride app here

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