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What is Mouse DPI? How much DPI is required in Gaming?

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Dots per Inch which is also known as DPI is a measure of the mouse sensitivity. Many high-end gaming mice advertise this feature as a key feature just like cameras advertise mega-pixels. But what is the meaning of DPI and how does it affect your performance? What should be your mouse’s DPI settings and what settings do the professional gamers use? All these questions are answered below.

Referring to the technical definition, “dots per inch is basically seeing how many times you can fit a pixel into an inch”. When the DPIs are higher, it becomes a matter of splitting the pixels into smaller images and this is not good for the accuracy of the mouse in every case. At very high DPIs, mice start working inaccurately and problems like cursor ripple and acceleration are faced. A mouse with 8000 DPI doesn’t actually make it more accurate or better designed than its competitors.

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How much DPI is needed for gaming?

Professional gamers start using the mouse at higher DPI settings, i.e. higher sensitivity and eventually come down to adjust it according to the requirement of the game. Apart from this, the sensitivity also depends upon the user. If the user has enough desk space and uses more a wider part of the arm to control the mouse, the user may favour lower sensitivities. And if the user prefers smaller movements with the wrist or has smaller desk space, higher sensitivities could be preferable.Mouse grips compared: Palm vs Claw vs Tip grip Overall, best results are obtained when the user adjust the sensitivity based on the game they are playing and which feels most natural to them.

DPI is something that makes a gaming mouse superior to a regular mouse. Almost all the gaming mice come with a supported software that allows the user to tune various aspects of the sensitivity and cursor behaviour according to their requirements. The DPI is generally adjusted in intervals of 50 or 100 depending on the quality of the sensor in the mouse.

In case you are interested in testing your mouse’s sensitivity settings, it is highly recommended to use Flight Simulation Softwares. In these kinds of software, your aim is to hit the targets before the given time. Also, the controls are dependent on the sensitivity of your mouse. Another game which can help you in setting up the sensitivity accurately is PUBG. In this game, you have to take down your enemies with the help of weapons. These weapons are controlled using a mouse and their action is dependent on its sensitivity.

So, what DPI settings do you use? Let us know in the comments below.

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Himanshu Nimje

Himanshu Nimje