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Top 6 free logo makers online that will help you design a catchy logo

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A logo is the company’s identity that differentiates it from others and helps people relate to and recall products related to that company. In a world of distractions, it is more likely to miss out on the company’s name. Still, a well-constructed and compelling logo is hard to forget as it piques customers’ curiosity by amplifying the company’s appearance.

If you have a shoestring budget and don’t want to spend a penny on the logo, here we have compiled a list of the best free logo makers available online that will help you cut your expenses.


A fun and easy-to-use tool makes it effortless to do a job, and Canva logo maker provides just that. With its pick-and-drop feature, you can try out loads of designs from its catalogue in a jiffy before settling on the one that appeals to you.

You can even customise your logo with varied free template options ranging from art, design, fashion, education, restaurant, cafe and many more according to your business needs. The tool quickly integrates with social networking and imaging sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pixels, and Pixabay to reduce the trouble of finding a perfect image.

And if you are thinking of expanding your business in other countries, Canva gives you the option to design a logo according to your native language.

Create your logo with Canva here

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WIX logo maker

Wix is one of the best browser-based free logo makers. Before the signing-in procedure, Wix asks a few questions about business name, tagline, and design preference to understand your needs better.

With its easy-to-understand and comprehensive step-by-step guide, it helps the user to design logos. You get various options, like changing the background colour and inserting and resizing the font.

If you cannot make amendments to the logo design yourself, Wix also allows hiring a professional designer.

Create your logo with Wix logo maker here

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Designhill logo maker

Design Hill has made its mark in the designing business with around 1.8M+ logos it has already created professionally.  This tool is easy to use and provides professional support for creating your logo. It also offers a free logo generator option to choose your masterpiece from plenty of logo designs.

The questionnaire it uses is also pretty much different from what others maintain. It is more of an option related where you are asked to choose all the styles, colours and symbols you fancy, and then the tool will analyse your answers and give out brand-relevant logo design.

Create your logo with Designhill here

DesignEvo Free logo maker

With more than 10,000  templates, DesignEvo will bring uniqueness to the company’s logo and eventually fuel the company’s appeal. It’s easy to use the tool; you only need to select your business niche. And then choose a preferable template from the straightened-out designs.

Further customisation can be done by adding text, graphics, and colour accordingly, with the feasibility of scaling it up to any size without hampering pixels. You can then download the logo in JPG and PNG format. If you have some pretty good design skills, you can even create a logo by customising icons in your fashion. Albeit, it will not be free and will put a burden on your pocket.

Create your logo with DesignEvo here

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Hatchful Shopify logo creator

Hatchful is one of the leading logo creator tools many entrepreneurs prefer. It helps you create a logo without trouble seeking technical expertise. It does not provide any tutorial because none is required. All the steps are so laid out that you will be working on endorsing your new brand face within minutes.

To create a logo with Hatchfull, all you need to do is give out your company’s name and choose a business space visual style, and it will find the most fitting designs that will go with your brand. Customising colour, layout, font, and icon remains at the users’ discretion. The final design will be sent to you via e-mail.

Create your logo with Hatchful Shopify here

UCraft logo maker

With this tool in place, you can create high-quality vector logos for free, as it helps to craft a pretty smooth logo in any size. It offers multiple prompts to provide aid in creating a unique design. After creating your personalised logo, you can download it in SVG or PNG format. And if you haven’t decided on employing any tool for website building, you can also take its assistance.

Create a logo with UCraft here

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