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Top 11 games for iPad

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Gaming on mobile devices has become something that we find ourselves occasionally doing. But once in a while, we wish for those stunning visuals that consoles provide and hope to experience them on our mobile. The iPad we believe is one of the few devices that gets closest to this and thus below we have compiled a list of some games that utilise the large screen of the iPad and provide a compelling experience.

Brawl Stars

If the gameplay that Supercell’s Clash of Clans and Boom Beach offered were slow-paced for you here is a game that is on the opposite end of the spectrum. This multiplayer game can be played by yourself or with friends across a variety of game modes.Top 11 iPad games you must check out | Candid.Technology The playable characters are unlocked via progression. They can be upgraded to have powerful abilities, and if you want to differentiate yourself in the arena, the game also offers purchasable skins.

You can find Brawl Stars here

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Alto’s Odyssey

A follow up to Alto’s Adventure; this game has a desert setting unlike the snowy mountains from the predecessor. The visuals include dunes and canyons, which are pleasing to the eye and combine with the gameplay to make for hours of fun.Top 15 offline games for Android that you must try

You can find Alto’s Odyssey here


Vainglory is a multiplayer online battle arena game which offers an enjoyable experience for all sorts of players. The game provides a casual or competitive mode allowing you to choose whichever mode that suits you best. The game makes full use of your iPad’s display with its stunning graphics, and the large screen helps to control your character with high accuracy. The best part about this game is that like Minecraft it offers cross-platform play, so you can also play with players using a desktop.

You can find Vainglory here

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A sandbox game from the ten years ago, Minecraft by Mojang has had somewhat of a resurgence on media platforms in 2019. The game revolves around the concepts of exploration, survival and construction in its various game modes. The game has a Survival Mode for those who want to test their mettle against adverse conditions and a Creative Mode to let their inventive minds run amok with the wide variety of block options.Top 15 offline games for iPhone and iPad every iOS user should check out For those of you wondering if the mobile version will provide you with the full experience, the game has been on par with the PC version for well over a year now and the controller support that the iPad offers makes for a great experience if the touchscreen is not for you.

You can find Minecraft here

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat Mobile brings to the world of portable devices a game that has been popular on consoles for its gore fighting visuals and versatile gameplay. The game allows you to assemble a squad using characters from the latest console release, Mortal Kombat 11. The game has a progression system which will enable you to unlock varying skills and special attacks for your characters and new challenges that are added every week allow you to expand the roster available to you.15 best multiplayer mobile games for Android and iOS The gameplay revolves around 3v3 fights and pairing up certain types of fighters together provides a strategic advantage making exploration of combinations a vital part of enjoying the game.

You can find Mortal Kombat here

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Very Little Nightmare

This is a puzzle adventure game in which you help the protagonist escape a hostile environment. Avoiding encounters with enemies and solving the intricate puzzles are at the base of the gameplay and the setting which utilises a mix of a creepy and cute universe provides a unique experience.Top 11 iPad games you must check out | Candid.Technology You can find Very Little Nightmare here.

The Room: Old Sins

The latest entry in The Room franchise, Old Sins revolves around a couple and the hunt for a precious artefact that began after their sudden disappearance.Top 11 iPad games you must check out | Candid.Technology The game implements a story that is bound to rope you in and ties it in with tricky puzzles to continue the enthralling experiences that all started with the original.

You can find The Room: Old Sins here

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Hot Lava

This game from Apple Arcade may touch upon a memory from your past. If you ever remember playing the Floor is Lava, the game revolves around the same concept; thus the player has to move around a set course while avoiding the lava around.Top 11 iPad games you must check out | Candid.Technology You can play the game alone or in a lobby with your friends. The treacherously laid obstacles will require you to be quick on your fingers if you hope to complete it.

You can try Hot Lava by subscribing to Apple Arcade here.

Frogger in Toy Town

Frogger a popular arcade game from the 1980s has made its way onto Apple devices The game is similar to Crossy Roads, but the graphics and control scheme is slightly different. The game has a level-based system which Frogger being tasked to save the Froglings that have been lost.Top 11 iPad games you must check out | Candid.Technology With toppling books and moving, toy cars around Toy Town is undoubtedly a new enjoyable peril to navigate.

You can try Frogger in Toy Town by subscribing to Apple Arcade here

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Sonic Racing

With MarioKart Tour not being what lot a of people expected it to be, Sonic Racing makes for a great mobile racing experience with its extensive roster from the Sonic universe and multiplayer capabilities.Top 11 iPad games you must check out | Candid.Technology The game provides power-ups, the ability to set up traps and attack your rivals on the track to see who will finish on top.

You can try Sonic Racing by subscribing to Apple Arcade here.

Oceanhorn 2

Although the world of mobile gaming has slowly been expanding, finding games with a great storyline and enjoyable gameplay is still rare. Oceanhorn 2 does a great job at filling this space; the story of the game is a prequel to the one told in Oceanhorn. The gameplay incorporates quests and puzzles which you can complete with the help of the NPC’s.

You can try Oceanhorn 2 by subscribing to Apple Arcade here

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