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Top 7 iOS keyboard apps

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Tired of using the same iOS keyboard which has a not so smart autocorrect. Want to try some incredible third-party keyboard apps that will make your writing experience better? Every user wants their typing to be hassle-free so below we’ve listed seven amazing keyboard apps that every iOS user on the lookout for customising their keyboard must check out.

Using the below-listed apps will provide an enhanced experience in writing and a few other features that you don’t see in the default iOS keyboard — which is considered by many to be primitive and boring. To ensure fast and, error-free typing go through the below-listed apps and let the receivers read your quality writing.

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Top 7 iOS keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad on App StoreWouldn’t you like it if you can directly search without switching apps? Gboard provides this facility. The swiping feature is also one of the features which are offered by Gboard. The thing which attracts me the most is the long press on the spacebar that instantly enables diction.

You can find Gboard here.

SwiftKey Keyboard

Top 7 iOS keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad on App StoreAre you one of the people whose text is full of typos? Then this is the perfect app for you. It has an outstanding predicting and text facility which learns your writing pattern. The best thing is its flow option which allows you to type faster by swiping instead of tapping. The surprising fact is that it has an AI-based predictive system and supports over 90 languages.

Find SwiftKey Keyboard here.


Top 7 iOS keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad on App StoreOnce you use this keyboard, I bet you won’t look at the other keyboards. The swipe method service is provided with accurate predictions. To make your keyboard more appealing, you can customise it with various theme options. Another bonus point is that FancyKey offers you 100 funky fonts.

Find the Fancykey here. 


Top 7 iOS keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad on App StoreAre you a person who expresses more through emojis and gifs? Then this is the apt app for you. Fleksy provides colourful themes and thousands of gifs, but its drawback is that there is no swiping feature. However, on a positive note, it supports more than 42 languages.

You can find Fleksy here.


Top 7 iOS keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad on App StoreThis is highly recommended for iOS users who have to use formal language or those who are involved in the corporate world. It has a high precise autocorrect system that ensures error-free typing. It is quite simple to use, and Grammarly also provides a brief explanation of the mistakes committed by an individual.

You can find Grammarly here.

TouchPal Keyboard

Top 7 iOS keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad on App StoreWant to get rid of the boring plain keyboard of iOS then try TouchPal keyboard which allows you to create your theme keyboard and also enables you to select an image from the gallery. It has all the other same functions like swiping and fast error-free typing, among others. The alluring part is the emoji prediction.

You can find TouchPal Keyboard here.

Blink keyboard

Top 7 iOS keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad on App StoreIn this keyboard, one simple swipe gesture can convert the keyboard into the one-handed keyboard. This feature enables the user to type fast. People who find it troublesome for typing with both the hands can try this out this cool app.

You can find the Blink keyboard here.

Drop the default iOS keyboard and try one of these cool keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad, that will enable a better-customised experience while typing.

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