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Top 7 plant identification apps for Android and iOS

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If you are a plant lover, chances are you have come across plants while walking in the garden or travelling around the world that took your breath away. Plants you instantly loved for their pleasing smell or beautiful look, but you could not gather information to buy them for your home. Well, you need not worry any more in this digital age as there are identification apps specifically for plants.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the seven best plant ID apps available on the Android Play Store and Apple App Store. Once you download the app, you can then get to know the name, species of the plant that fascinated you with just a single click.


Developer: Cirad-France | Size: 36 MB (iOS); varies with device (Android) | Price:  Free

Top 7 plant identification apps for Android and iOS

Plantnet is a popular plant ID app in the community of French botanical organisations. The app works in a simple way; you need to click and upload a picture of the plant you want to know about, and the database of 20,000 plant species will identify it for you.

The developer of the app calls it ‘a great citizen science project’ as scientists from all around the world analyse all the plant photographs uploaded by the users. According to the app creators, it is best for wild species but also works for all other kinds of plants.

Download PlantNet here: iOS, Android

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Developer: PlantSnap Inc | Size: 271.4 MB (iOS); 36MB (Android) | Price: $19.99

Top 7 plant identification apps for Android and iOS

With a database of 625,000 species of plants, Plantsnap app boasts 94 percent accuracy in identifying the species of the plant. The app works in 30 languages and also offers a map of plants nearby you, so you can go out and explore. Powered by artificial intelligence, you can instantly identify many species of plants on Plantsnap.

Download PlantSnap here: iOS, Android


Developer: Glority Llc | Size: 120.4 MB (iOS); 26MB (Android) | Price:  Free with in-app purchases

Top 7 plant identification apps for Android and iOS

Picturethis’s artificial intelligence has identified plants, flowers and trees from more than 27 million photos submitted by its users and claims to be 98 percent accurate.

The app also has a community of garden and horticulture specialists, which serves a network for people to interact and exchange feedbacks on the topic they love. Additionally, they also offer tips on plant care to help you nurture your plant babies.

Download PictureThis here: iOS, Android

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Developer: iNaturalist, LLC | Size: 37.6 MB (iOS); 24MB (Android) | Price: Free

Top 7 plant identification apps for Android and iOS

The National Geography Society and California Academy of Sciences have collaborated to develop this app. It can recognise plants, trees, insects, animals and birds. Like Plantnet, it is also designed to work best with wild species but can work with household species as well.

With a community of 400,000 scientists and naturalists, iNaturalist app helps you learn about nature through interactions and experience sharing.

Download iNaturalist here: iOS, Android

Garden Answers Plant Identifier

Developer: Gardens Alive Inc. | Size: 26.7 MB (iOS); 20MB (Android) | Price: Free with in-app purchases

Top 7 plant identification apps for Android and iOS

Garden Answers is an application that identifies over 20,000 plants and provides you with accurate and detailed information. The app is simple and easy to use. You have to click a picture, send it, and the app will do the rest. It shows you all the information from specialists. It has answers to over 200,000 FAQs about plants.

Download Garden Answers here: iOS, Android

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Garden Compass

Developer: Garden Compass, LLC | Size: 182 MB (iOS); 18 MB (Android) | Price: Free with in-app purchases

Top 7 plant identification apps for Android and iOS

Garden Compass also uses a team of experts to identify and give information about the plant from the photo submitted by the users. The app also offers monthly plant care tips to keep your plants healthy and disease-free.

The app sends its users reminders about the pending tasks in your garden. It gives two free credit for a photo submission and a few free credits every month to its regular users. If you subscribe to their premium membership, you can reap several other benefits.

Download Garden Compass here: iOS, Android


Developer: FlowerChecker s.r.o. | Size: 51.6 MB (iOS); varies with device (Android) | Price: $0.99

Top 7 plant identification apps for Android and iOS

FlowerChecker is not based on computer-generated results but has a team of international experts to provide information on plants, mosses, lichens and even fungi.

The app claims to have a 90 percent accuracy rate and charges its users only if the experts can accurately identify their query. The first time users get three free plant identifications.

Download FlowerChecker here: iOS, Android

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