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Top 5 gadgets to help you sleep better

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Good sleep is essential for both your physical and mental health and well-being. The growing demands of our lifestyle and an overall increase in stress directly affect our sleep, leading to poor sleep or insomnia. However, as we live in the evolving technology world, innovative gadgets focused on improving our sleep quality have been designed by companies like Hapbee, Hatch, and many more.

In this article, we will explore the top five brands whose devices can help you sleep better and improve your sleep quality to help you feel relaxed and refreshed every morning.


Hapbee’s sleep-aiding smart wearable for the day is easy to wear and portable, allowing you to use their magnetic field technology to influence your mood. Hapbee even offers a sleeping pad that can be placed under your pillow. Their revolutionary gadgets emit low-frequencies to help you relax and reduce stress, thereby improving and boosting healthy sleep habits.

Hapbee’s devices emit extremely low frequency (ELF) waves which carry low magnetic energy signatures to improve your sleep cycle. These waves mimic certain sleep-inducing frequencies to help you relax and fall asleep easily. Their devices can also monitor your breathing and sleeping patterns, heart rate, and movements as well as provide insight into your sleep quality.

Furthermore, Hapbee’s sleep-tracking app can be used with smart mattresses and sleep masks to get an in-depth sleep analysis. The app also lets you create mood playlists and control mood settings. With Hapbee’s aim to improve sleep quality without using drugs, chemicals, or other stimulants, their patented tech works best for active or retired military personnel, professional athletes, spas, and chronic illness groups.

Moreover, Hapbee aims to enhance creativity and productivity as well as focus with the help of their products, including a combination of their Sleep and Relief Pillow Sleeve and the Hapbee Neckband. These can be used as back support while sitting or travelling, to rest a strained limb, or even while studying and meditating, which can stimulate your brain according to a preset mood.

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Oura Ring

The Oura Ring is a health and sleep tracker ring that senses your heart rate, body temperature, and movement in your sleep. This ring comes in silver, gold, black, rose gold, and stealth colours. It analyses your sleep patterns and informs you when:

  • You require more sleep
  • You might be falling sick
  • Time to push yourself

On the Oura app, you can better understand your sleep and help you make certain adjustments to optimise your exercise schedule and sleep routine. It helps you re-focus your body clock. You will be informed about your deep, light, and REM sleep details on the app and any variations in your resting heart rate.


Hatch provides smart sleep devices that act as white noise machines, bedside reading lights, sunrise alarm clocks, and wind-down routine facilitators. You can even find calming soundscapes along with guided meditations. Their products include ‘Restore’ sleep products for adults and ‘Rest’ sleep products for children. With Rest, Hatch ensures parents find ample rest and a night of comfortable sleep as their child floats away in dreams.

Hatch even provides multiple white noise options like rain and ocean waves, in addition to a night light feature that can be regulated through their app. Their smart lighting feature is available in Hatch Restore and can dim the lights to signal your body to sleep. Hatch also has a sleep assistant to help you get good rest.

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According to BuzzFeed, Dodow “projects a calming blue light, which works as a guide for your breathing, and helps you to fall asleep naturally, and on average 2.5 times faster than on your own”. Dodow is a circular sleeping gadget that uses soft pulsing light (projected on the ceiling) to regulate your breathing pattern. The pulsing light expands and retracts, asking you to breathe in when it expands and when it retracts.

You can tap the device once for an eight-minute mode and twice for a 20-minute mode, after which the device switches off by itself. This process helps slow down your heart rate and induce a relaxed state, which acts as a sleep initiation technique. Dodow is especially helpful for individuals who struggle with anxiety and racing thoughts when trying to sleep.

Philips Wake-up Light

When you wake up in the right manner, then your entire day goes well. With this affordable option, you can get an alarm clock, a wake-up and wind-down light, five natural sounds to wake up to, a bedside lamp, a snooze button, and an automatic dimmable light. The Philips Wake-up Light gradually increases the brightness, acting as the sun to wake you up naturally. The correct waking-up process ensures that your body clock is regulated by expecting brightness at a certain time.

Naturally, waking up and sleeping can greatly impact your mood and behaviour. A positive impact will keep your energy stable throughout the day. Soothing sounds accompany the increasing light to create a relaxed and positive waking-up atmosphere.

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