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Top 7 wall mounts for iPad

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The Apple iPad is, without doubt, one of the best and most popular tablets there is on sale today. Most of us have used them from everything like watching Netflix, playing games, to browsing the net for recipes and editing documents.

However, it is not always convenient to hold an iPad while doing specific tasks. Take, for example, cooking, where you wouldn’t want to get your tablet dirty or while watching Netflix when you would like to enjoy your movie without the fatigue of holding your tablet. 

This is where the practicality of iPad wall mounts swoops in to save the day. They are easy to install and can fit flush with your interior living space and in some cases, add to the functionality of your existing iPad. We’ve made a list of the best iPad wall mounts you can buy right now.

Dockem Koala Wall Mount

The Koala wall mount is a simple easy to install wall mount for your iPad and requires no screws or holes to be drilled. It consists of two brackets that can be adhered to any flat surface with the help of 3M strips.

It can be set up in both portrait and landscape orientations and can fit any size of iPad. It is also compatible with cases, provided they are not too bulky or thick, and it also features convenient cord clips built into each bracket for charging purposes.

Price: INR 2299

You can get Dockem Koala Wall Mount here.

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CTA Digital 2-in-1 Kitchen Mount

As the name suggests, this wall mount is ideal for kitchen environments while you’re cooking and things get messy. It can be mounted at different locations like walls, or even under the top row of your kitchen cabinet.

It features multiple pivot points, so setting it up and adjusting it to your comfort is easy and straightforward. And when you’re not using the stand, it folds up as flat as possible against the wall or base of the cabinet and won’t obstruct in any way.

Price: INR 4519

You can buy the CTA Digital 2-in-1 Kitchen Mount here.

Arkon Heavy Duty wall mount

Top 7 wall mounts for iPad you must check out | Candid.TechnologyArkon is a well-known brand in the market already, known for its robust and well-built car mounts. Thus making an iPad mount should have hardly been a sweat. This wall mount has multiple adjustment settings to find your desired viewing angle easily, and can fit even the bulkiest of cases.

The mount features a 4-hole drill base and an 8-inch adjustable arm allowing you to move your iPad in any direction. It also has a swivel mechanism and hence can be rotated to any desired position.

Price: INR 5865

You can buy the Arkon Heavy Duty Wall Mount here.

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Mount-it! Tablet wall mount

Top 7 wall mounts for iPad you must check out | Candid.TechnologyIf you’re looking for a wall mount that won’t mess up the interior aesthetics of your living space, then this is the wall mount for you. It features a sleek metal design without any big mounting mechanism and sits flush against any wall.

Available in black and white colour options, it is also theft-proof due to its compact frame made from steel and features a locking mechanism that requires an Allen wrench. What might be a bummer for some, is that it is only compatible with the iPad and iPad Air models. 

However, it’s sleek and theft-proof design makes it useful for displaying information in public places, and it can be even used as a central hub display for your smart home system.

Price: INR 12,620

You can buy Mount-it! Tablet Wall Mount here.

AboveTEK iPad wall mount

Top 7 wall mounts for iPad you must check out | Candid.TechnologyThe AboveTEK iPad Wall Mount is cheap, and its versatile application makes it easy to use in different situations. It features two rubber-padded brackets that can extend to accommodate iPads ranging from 6.6-inch to 9.6-inch.

Its mounting base features three screws and additional anchor plugs, making for a secure mounting. It also has a 360-degree swivel mechanism allowing you to change from portrait to landscape orientation and vice-versa easily.

Price: INR 4930

You can buy the AboveTEK iPad Wall Mount here.

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Monoprice iPad Wall Mount

Top 7 wall mounts for iPad you must check out | Candid.TechnologyThe Monoprice iPad Wall Mount is sleek, easy to install and blends with any environment. It features an anti-theft design and includes Allen keys to keep your iPad safe from any external tampering.

It is made of steel, can be easily rotated from portrait to landscape modes, and also has cutouts for your charging cables, ensuring that your iPad is charged at all times.

Price: INR 8336

You can get the Monoprice iPad Wall Mount here.

Pad Bracket

Top 7 wall mounts for iPad you must check out | Candid.TechnologyThe simplest and most basic wall mount in this list, the Pad Bracket is a basic but functional wall mount. It can be easily installed with the included screws and wall anchors and is made from high-quality plastic.

It is compatible with most iPads and can be used in both — portrait as well as landscape mode. However, it is only compatible with iPads with thin cases or no case at all, and cannot accommodate bulky cases.

Price: INR 2621

You can buy the Pad Bracket here.

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Kelan Reay Baretto

Kelan Reay Baretto