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Top 7 war movies on Amazon Prime Video

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If you’re looking for an intensely appealing movie to binge-watch on a late Friday evening, then war movies are worth watching. These action-packed films hit you a little differently every time.

Prime has plenty of options to suppress your appetite for all-out war combat, a straightforward historical epic, an anti-war comedy, a standard military documentary, or a classic combat short film.

Grab your popcorn and enjoy your favourite flick from our hand-curated list of the top 7 war movies of all times available on Prime.

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Saving Private Ryan (1998)

Director: Steven Spielberg | Starring: Tom Hanks, Edward Burns, Barry Pepper

Showcasing the visually impactful glimpses of the horrors of war, Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan is set amidst the Invasion of Normandy and the war atrocities that unfurl. It revolves around the life of Private James Ryan, who gets trapped in the German territory and soldiers who’re then sent to save him.

This masterpiece depicts the experiences of the soldiers led by a Captain during the Second World War to bring back a brother home. This deep and emotionally instilling movie provides glimpses of the spirit of comradeship imbued by war in each soldier.

Journey’s End (2017)

Director: Saul Dibb | Starring: Sam Claflin, Asa Butterfield, Paul Bettany

An adaptation of R.C. Sherriff’s 1928 play, Journey’s End, is a classic tale with many adaptations. However, this sequel is the best version with the scintillating cast to tell the unforgettable story of this play. It depicts the story of a group of British soldiers stationed near St. Quentin, France, during the spring of 1918. Led by a young officer, Stanhope, through World War I, they are forced to play the agonising waiting game against the German troupes. These soldiers guard their tracks which lie nearly 100 yards away from the German trenches.

You become fully invested and more heartbroken when the shelling finally starts. And with the modern visual special effects, the dark war imagery feels more natural.

City of Ghosts (2017)

Director: Matthew Heineman

This Oscar-nominated war documentary illustrates the medieval hell created by ISIS in Raqqa, Syria, under its terror spell in 2014. The drama documents a group of media activists from Syria. The volunteer group of unknown citizen journalists in Raqqa capture the slaughterhouse that has now become Raqqa. They risk their lives and leave their families to document the rooted devastation of their country.

Amidst the chaos and blackout, the volunteer group and its documentation become the only reliable and credible source of information for the foreign world.

13 hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (2016)

Director: Michael Bay | Starring: James Badge Dale, John Krasinski, Max Martini

It is a gripping true story set in the days following Gaddafi’s fall, picturing how a group of heavily armed rebels attacked a US compound in Libya, resulting in the death of an American ambassador. Armed fighters swarm the compounds in the US, making the situation more critical, and the United States is unsure how to react or save the lives of captive hostages.

Even though they have strict orders not to leave the base, six military contractors guard the CIA arm themselves and take on a daring rescue mission to save the hostages.

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Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

Director: Kathryn Bigelow | Starring: Chris Pratt, Joel Edgerton, Jessica Chastain

Following her Oscar-winning war film, The Hurt Locker, Kathryn launched this chronicle that fictionalises the decade-long manhunt and eventual killing of the terror group leader Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden. The quest begins with the CIA Intelligence analysts trying to pin down Osama’s location post the US September 2001 attacks. The covert operation was successful, with the US special operation forces and Navy SEALs ushering in a 40-minute raid that led them to kill Bin Laden.

The movie also features one of the best performances by Jessica Chastain as a CIA Analyst. Her performance as an analyst obsessed with bringing down the terrorist leader, bin Laden is appreciable.

The Courier (2021)

Director: Dominic Cooke | Starring: Benedict Cumberbatch, Vladimir Chuprikov, Merab Ninidze, James Schofield

This cold war thriller movie is a true story based on the lives of a British businessman recruited by Secret Intelligence Services as a spy and a Russian secret agent Oleg Penkovsky. Businessman Wynne, camouflaged as a spy, travels to Moscow as an ordinary man looking for more commercial opportunities. While Penkovsky, a high-rank Soviet Officer, fears war threats from Khrushchev against Americans. Penkovsky and Wynne constantly exchange important messages and secret documents relating to Soviet nuclear missile plans.

The movie portrays the courage and bravery of ordinary people to serve their nation and humanity.

Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse (2021)

Director: Stefano Sollima | Starring: Michal B. Jordan, Jamie Bell, Guy Pierce, Jodie Turner-Smith

Another Tom Clayton-inspired franchise started by Amazon, Without Remorse, is a classic military action movie. It revolves around an elite Navy SEAL who uncovers an international war-driven conspiracy.

Michal B. Jordan’s SEAL is stowed at the centre of this conspiracy while trying to seek justice for the murder of his pregnant wife. The movie holds together because of the sheer power of Jordan’s stardom that seizes the audience’s attention.

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