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Top 7 yoga apps for Android

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We are all aware of the benefits that yoga has and how it can bring out a positive change in our life. It not only strengthens and flourishes the outer appearance but also restores inner peace. But not many of us reap the benefits that yoga in combination with technology has brought to us.

While procrastination has no end and many of us have convinced ourselves that we’re too busy to take care of our health, if you wish to bring a change in your lifestyle then yoga can be a stepping stone. So to put you on track with yoga in a jiffy, we have prepared a list of the seven best yoga apps available for Android.

Yoga Workout – Yoga for beginners

Publisher: Fivestar Studio | Size: 20MB | Price: Free 

If you just started with yoga, this app will come handy in your quest to achieve a toned and flexible body. The app is completely free and offers dozens of asanas, with a comprehensive guide to perform them with perfection. There are also pre-arranged workout sessions like Gentle Yoga, Twist Stretch, Back Care and others that focus on different parts of the body. You can also track your workout with Fitness Calendar and Body Mass Index.

Click here to download Yoga Workout

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 5 Minute Yoga

Publisher: Olson Applications Ltd | Size: 8.4MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases

People who live in a jam-packed schedule and hardly contribute any time for physical training with no second thoughts this one is for you. Every session features five simple and effective poses that can be completed under five minutes.

All the daily sessions in the app come preloaded with exercises and with a timer. So its easy to follow thorough text description cover the ins and outs of the workout to prevent any injury.

Click here to download 5 Minute Yoga  

Yoga for Beginners

Publisher: Health Everyday | Size: 8.8MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases

This app is an excellent tool in the hands of a focused, regular and committed yogi. The application accommodates the user in choosing the desired goal and prepares a course accordingly. It works like a personal trainer where it automatically sets your workout regime for the following month with breaks in between to reduce fatigue and build good habits. The kcal meter will assist you in determining how much fat you burned in one session.

Moreover, if you can pay for the Pro version you can create a personal yoga plan alongwith exploring intermediate and advance level exercises and eventually add them in your regime to push to become professional in your craft.

Click here to download Yoga for Beginners

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Daily Mudras- For Your Healthy Life

Publisher: CodeRaya Technologies | Size: 24MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases

Hand gestures have always been a subject of speculation, and religions around the globe have reinforced the benefits for ages, one has on physical, mental and spiritual health by performing such mudras (Gestures). This app will connect you to the age-old methods of rejuvenating wellness and heal any illness. 

The tool will suggest mudras according to your age, gender and profession to support you in increasing productivity and ward off any foreseen ailment. Additionally, the user can select various gestures according to one’s preference of body part or sickness from its vast library to perform with mindful music in the background.

Click here to download Daily Mudras 

Yoga- Poses & Classes

Publisher: VGFIT LLC | Size: 58MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases

The app is a complete guide that will help you in every step of your journey, from a rookie to achieving an advance state of fitness with yoga. The tool offers over 100 yoga asanas that you can download for free and practise anytime. Moreover, the unique classes feature focusing on various elements like an energy boost, stretching, balance, core and so forth will help in improving your overall health and posture.    

Also, you can customise your breath cycle length between poses, so that you don’t exert much energy in the starting of the session and stay focused to the last. You can also cast the classes on your TV via Airplay or Chromecast mirroring.   

Click here to download Yoga- Poses & Classes

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Asana Rebel: Home Workouts

Publisher: Asana Rebel | Size: 32MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases

If you’ve been practising yoga for quite some time and want to up your game, this app will surely do the trick. Alongwith top-notch workout sessions, the application also provides recipes according to users diet preference like high protein, easily digestible, high in fibre, low calories and many more.

You can also personalise your workout as per your fitness goals in addition to meditation music to clam your soul for better focus. Further, you can also set your daily goals, track your progress and share it with friends through various platforms.

Click here to download Asana Rebel

Daily Yoga- Yoga Fitness Plans

Publisher: Daily Yoga Culture Technology Co., Ltd | Size: 17MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases

It is also one of the best apps for beginners to start with and learn the basics. As you complete daily yoga courses suggested by the tool, you will be more flexible to perform technically and physically challenging asanas though there is a limitation with free classes. However, if you find yourself settled to the app, you can buy the pro version to unveil the vast library of over 500 asanas, 70 yoga programs, 500 guided yoga, pilates and meditation sessions.

In the pro version, you can focus on a particular goal set like fat burning, strength building, muscle toning, and various others for quick results. One unique feature is you can sync your app with a smartwatch to track your movement and prepare a comprehensive report of your workout along with joining a yogi community offered by the application for sharing experiences.

Click here to download Daily Yoga

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