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Top 7 builder games for Android

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 If you’ve grown tired of all the negativity surrounding governance in your city, state or country and want to try your hand at doing the same, virtually though, there are plenty of building games available across platforms.  

While we see building and skyscrapers being constructed in our neighbourhoods often, how many know what goes into building a bustling and technically advanced city? Well if you have a penchant for constructing a town from scratch, then what is better to start with an artificial world first. Here are the seven best building games of all times that are sure to give you an insider narrative. 

SimCity Buildlt

Publisher: Electronic Arts | Size: 119MB | Price:  Free with in-app purchases

When it comes to builder games, Sim city can never go off the list. It has earned that reputation. The game starts with you as an uncontested mayor but don’t think that you can slack off from your duties, it is designed in a way that the user faces real-life hurdles like traffic control, crime rate supervision, waste management, and many more.

The game allows you to introduce decorative elements like skyscrapers, parks, bridges, landscapes, government building, drone base, famous memorials and much more to your city to woo citizens and grow your community to collect more taxes. So feel free and use your imagination to build a world-class city and join hands with other leaders (Mayors) to trade supplies globally or to fight club wars and advance together. 

Click here to download Simcity Buildlt

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Publisher: Playrix | Size: 142MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases

Agriculture is the backbone of an economy, and this game demonstrates the same. Township has smartly blended in farming and town construction, wherein you are challenged to harvest various crops, milk cows, feed chickens and then process the raw material in factories to produce goods for meeting the demands of your inhabitants alongwith shipping merchandise via air, water, and rail for fiscal profits.

To add flavour to your town, you can also build restaurants, bowling alley, photo studio and other community buildings along with decorating the city with parks, stadiums, statues, flags and much more. Another eye-catching element of the game is, collecting animals to creating your zoo and further breed them. Moreover, digging mines for extracting gold, silver and several ancient artefacts, connecting with friends, and fantastic daily challenges will undoubtedly keep you hooked.

Click here to download Township

Clash of Clans

Publisher: Supercell | Size: 143MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases  

You must be living under a rock if you never heard of Clash of Clans, it does not need any introduction. COC offers a classic look into Viking world where you eat-drink-train-and fight to the last man alongwith a ting of mythological powers with troops like Yeti, dragons, wizard, flying healer, and magic spells to cripple the defences of your opponents — likewise strengthening the realms of your tribe with cannons, inferno, archers, bomb towers and various others.

It is a unique survival of the fittest game where you have to join clans, upgrade the might of your troops to gain a tactical advantage. Also, loot maximum gold and elixirs to earn trophies, so that you can sit among the C-suites of clash of clans world. 

Click here to download Clash of Clans

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Hotel Empire Tycoon

Publisher: Codigames | Size: 73MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases

As you must have guessed by the name, the game won’t make you build cities, metropolis or clan but enable you to shoulder the responsibilities of a magnate to build your virtual empire, with cash continuously flowing in your way. The game offers plenty of components where you can hire staff for various chores, maintain enough cash reserve to give their salaries and upgrade their working efficiency accordingly. 

You can transform your establishment into chains of a five-star resort by adding new facilities like a swimming pool, bar, spa, scuba diving and decorate rooms, VIP resorts with luxury furniture and amenities to accommodate pleasant stay to clients in your hotel. Hotel empire is a great management game wherefrom endorsing your brand name to persuading investors with a hefty sum; everything replicates non-fictional events.

Click here to download Hotel Empire Tycoon

FarmVille 2: Country Escape

Publisher: Zynga | Size: 131MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases

Do you want to know what it feels like to live the life of a farmer and escape crowded and polluted streets of a town or metropolis? FarmVille 2 is the way to go. The game is designed in a way that it will give you first-hand experience of building a lush private farm and expanding it gradually as you earn more by selling raw and crafted recipes.

Explore your surroundings with farm friends to collect rare herbs, build riverside gardens and add beautiful flowers to your estate. One striking detail of the game is that alongwith nurturing farm animals, you can also pet a farm dog. The game can be played offline, so you don’t have to worry about internet connection to stay tuned with your farm obligations.

Click here to download FarmVille 2

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City Mania

Publisher: Gameloft | Size: 59MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases

It is one of the best 3D builder games, where you can quickly demolish and scale new buildings alongwith shifting them in all directions anytime. Decorating your city with parks and renounced monuments like Tower of London and Pisa, Colosseum and variety of others elevate your creation to the top of the tourist destination list.

Like other games in the list, you do have to process goods to grow your city, but city mania has gone one notch higher by giving unique feature, where you can recruit bizzies (funny characters) in factories to boost production. The traits of such bizzies can further be fused in a laboratory to create more skilled ones and be sent on missions to gather resources. Plus you can also sell your products in the marketplace to earn some extra cash.

Click here to download City Mania

Virtual City Playground 

Publisher: G5 Entertainment | Size: 398MB | Price: Free with in-app purchases

The game is rather massive, but it lives up to expectations, It offers you the adventure of building a modern and futuristic city with over 500 quests to solve. With lodging and industrial building, you can settle more citizens and keep them happy and healthy by building parks, cinemas, stadiums and while organising thrilling public events. To enrich your city further, you can also construct an Ice Castle, Airport, Casino, Hanger and even Shuttle launch pad.

Click here to download Virtual City Playground

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