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What does BTFO mean?

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With the influx of messaging applications, acronyms and abbreviations have become an indispensable part of texting and online chatting. However, to save time from typing the whole word or phrase, we tend to use short forms commonly accepted and understood by everyone.

Some of these acronyms are widely used and are known by most of us. However, others like BTFO may leave you thinking about what does the sender mean.

If you’re looking for the meaning of BTFO, you’re at the right place. Here we explain the correct usage of this acronym.

BTFO meaning

According to the internet trend, BTFO has two meanings and can be used differently, depending on the situation. This acronym is not as popular as many others, but with time, BTFO is being used quite often in the messaging world.

BTFO– Back The F*** Off

BTFO– Blown The F*** Out

What does ‘BTFO- Back The F*** Off’ mean

Back The F*** Off means to ask someone who is standing too close to you or troubling you for no reason to back off in an intense way.

It can be used to react to a situation more aggressively and indicate that you’re in no mood to tolerate something, especially on social media when strangers slide into your DM and send unsolicited pictures or messages.

To add more power to the sentences, people often use the F word. It conveys the message instantly with power; therefore, you can use the BTFO acronym to put across your message if you want someone to back off. However, this can also be used in a friendly way with your peers, provided you have that kind of bond with the person.

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How to use ‘BTFO- Back The F*** Off’?

BTFO-Back The F*** Off can be used to ask someone to stay away. It can be used to tell a stranger to back off when they’re troubling you or even a friend who is deliberately trying to annoy you. It will be taken in a lighter tone in the case of the latter. Let’s look at the two cases below to understand the different tones in which BTFO can be used.

Stranger Please accept my friend request, or I will keep sending you messages.
YouBTFO! I don’t interact with strangers.
Friend Send me the picture immediately.
YouBTFO! I’m in a meeting, will send it when I’m free.

What does ‘BTFO- Blown The F*** Out’ mean?

BTFO- Blown The F*** Out is an internet slang used to describe a landslide victory or an opponent’s embarrassing defeat in a competitive event.

It is mainly used to express feelings when someone has lost in a sport or political argument. When two or more players compete against each other, the winner can use BTFO to express his feeling for his opponent’s defeat.

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How to use ‘BTFO- Blown The F*** Out’?

When you’re debating over any topic, and the other person doesn’t have anything more meaningful to add. Then you can express your feeling as below.

Other PersonHow was the debate?
YouHe got BTFO’d so bad that he accepted defeat.

BTFO can also be used when something inconvenient happens. Like in case you’re annoyed by the shopkeeper’s rudeness at a store. You can say, ” I was BTFO by the attendant’s rude behaviour in front of his manager.”

How to distinguish between the two BTFOs?

Since BTFO can be used in two ways, it can sometimes be difficult to judge which one the sender is referring to in a particular situation. In such confusing cases, keep the below pointers in mind to distinguish between the usage of BTFO.

  • Re-read the sentence aloud and its full form to make out which BTFO fits the sentence well.
  • Identify the tone of the acronym in the sentence. For Back The F*** Off the tone is usually aggressive and annoyance. Blown The F*** Out, on the other hand, is used in a humorous way.

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