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Can Textnow be traced back to your phone?

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Photo by Tada Images

TextNow is a service which has gained popularity for offering free texting and calling while giving users an extra layer of privacy. But, like with most technology, many people wonder if TextNow can be traced back to their phones.

This article discusses what Textnow is, how it works, what information it collects and whether Textnow can be traced back to your phone.

What is Textnow?

TextNow is a cloud-based communication service that allows users to send texts and make calls over the Internet. It provides users with a second phone number that can be used on any device with an internet connection, such as smartphones, tablets, or computers. The app is particularly popular among people who want to keep their personal phone number private for various reasons, including online dating, business purposes, or to have a separate number for specific contacts.

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How does it work?

TextNow routes your messages and calls through its servers, which act as intermediaries between your device and the recipient’s device. This process allows TextNow to assign you a unique phone number but also raises questions about whether the service can be traced back to your device.

What information does Textnow collect?

TextNow collects personal information such as user IDs, contact details, device information, and more to provide services, ensure security, improve services, comply with legal requirements, and deliver relevant advertisements. Users should review TextNow’s Privacy Policy for more details and understand their data usage choices.

Can Textnow be traced back to your phone?

Yes, TextNow can be tracked back to your phone, but the most someone can figure out is the general area you’re in. However, the government can access more details like your email, name, and IP address logs.

According to their privacy policy, only law enforcement agencies have the legal authority to trace TextNow numbers. So, while regular people can’t trace you through the TextNow app, the government can obtain all your information directly from the TextNow company.

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