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Does Textnow show your name?

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Photo by Tada Images

Maintaining privacy and anonymity while communicating is becoming increasingly important in today’s digital world. With many messaging platforms available, users often question how much personal information is revealed to others. TextNow is a popular messaging application which offers free phone numbers and text messaging services.

This article discusses what Textnow is, whether it shows your name, and what personal information it takes to create an account.

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What is Textnow?

TextNow is an app that allows users to make calls, send text messages, and even use voicemail services. It offers unique features such as free phone numbers and the option to send messages and make calls using an internet connection. These features have made TextNow a popular choice for those seeking a secondary phone number or a more private means of communication.

Does Textnow show the name when you call or message?

All TextNow users have access to the basic caller ID feature, which shows phone numbers and, if provided, location information for incoming and outgoing calls. But if the user has an upgraded caller ID, i.e. Ad Free+ subscribers can see the name, provided the calling user has registered with their name or business.

Additionally, If you are added to a group message by TextNow users on Android, your email address will be displayed. Therefore, it will be visible if you use your real name in the email address you registered with TextNow.

Personal information that Textnow asks to create an account

While TextNow aims to prioritize user privacy, it requires certain personal information during registration. Users are typically required to provide an email address and in some cases, a date of birth. However, TextNow assures users that this information is used solely for account management and does not publicly display or associate it with your username. Therefore, from a public perspective, your real name remains undisclosed.

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