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Can you embed YouTube Shorts?

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Youtube Shorts was launched in 2021 as a vertical, short-form section of Youtube. Within a short span of time, Youtube Shorts has garnered billions of views and is growing exponentially.

The company also launched a $100 million fund to help content creators specifically create Shorts. But has now updated its revenue share model to a 45% share of ads in the Shorts feed.

You can read more about how Youtube Shorts revenue share here.

How to embed YouTube shorts?

If you want to make the content more vibrant and appealing, you can try embedding short, informative videos.

Follow the steps given below to embed Youtube Shorts on your website page:

Can you embed YouTube Shorts?
  • Open Youtube and click on any Youtube Shorts link you want to embed.
  • Next, right-click over the Youtube Shorts video and then select Copy embed code from the drop-down menu.
  • Paste the link on your website’s page. To paste the link. first, left-click on the space where you want to embed the video to bring the cursor to the specified location, and then right-click to open the drop-down menu.
  • Finally, select the paste option from the menu. You will have successfully embedded the Youtube Shorts. You can also use the shortcut = Ctrl + V to paste the link.

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Why embed YouTube Shorts on your website?

Now that we have understood how to embed Youtube Shorts let us know why you should embed them.

  • The short format videos are trending. Following Tiktok, many other social media and online streaming platforms have started shorter format videos and for a good reason. Youtube’s online community is one of the largest out there. So, embedding Youtube Shorts will help to grow your content.
  • The videos are short and to the point. This is particularly useful for explainers.
  • Also, if you are into long-form content like blogs, embedding videos will also make it look aesthetically pleasing. and the audience will want to come for more.

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