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What does highlighted comment mean on Youtube?

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Youtube has various features, and you may have many left to discover yet. If you are an avid Youtube user, you may have noticed some comments have a ‘Highlighted comment’ on top of them. Does this make them special in some way?

This article explains what this feature signifies and how you can contribute to its origin. Sounds mystifying? It is pretty basic.

What is a highlighted comment?

A highlighted comment is a label that appears in grey on top of a comment when you click on that comment. A comment gets highlighted when you click on their time stamp. The timestamp is a text in grey colour that appears next to the user name of any Youtube user. The comment can have a time stamp like four years, four weeks, or four days ago.

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Why is a comment highlighted?

Youtube introduced this feature to make it easier for content creators to interact with specific users. If someone comments on your Youtube video, Youtube will notify you. The Youtube notification has a modified link highlighting the user who commented on your video.

What does highlighted comment mean on Youtube?

YouTyoutubube makes connecting with your subscribers or viewers easier by helping you pay attention to them one by one. If a comment has a reply and they tag you, you will get a notification about this activity. By clicking on this notification, Youtube will lead you to the comment whose reply mentions you.

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Recognising a highlighted comment

Clicking on the time stamp of the comment or any reply of a comment will let Youtube highlight that comment or response. When this happens, Youtube refreshes and reopens the same page of the video in your present tab with a different link containing the highlighted comment or reply.

You can test this out by clicking on each of the links given below; the difference has been highlighted:

What does highlighted comment mean on Youtube?

By opening the link, you will find that the link has a normal format.

What does highlighted comment mean on Youtube?

You can notice a small change in the link format by opening this link. There has been an addition of Ic, which might stand for ‘linked content’.

You can observe the same change in the link format of a highlighted reply.

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