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What does CC mean on TikTok?

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One of the latest features of Tiktok brings in a short acronym called ‘CC’ on the app. The feature enhances the whole content sharing experience for the audience by providing captions to the video on the screen.

In this article, we’re going over what CC in TikTok means, when and why it is used, how to find cc videos and things you should keep in mind if adding CC to your TikTok content.

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What does CC stand for?

While the acronym is used for different things in different contexts, on TikTok, it translates to ‘Closed Captions’. The feature allows users to see captions for whatever is being said in the video on screen, helping users who may not speak the language being used in the video to loop in and enjoy the content.

Closed captions are generally used in videos that do not carry any sound, audio or video in which the lyrics or the audio itself is difficult to understand. The latter could be possible if the person is inaudible, if the ambient sound is louder than the person speaking, if the video is in a different language, or if the person speaking in the video is using an accent.

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By adding closed captions or subtitles in the video, the uploader can reach out and appeal to a larger audience who might not have been able to understand the essence and meaning of the video if they did not have the captions or subtitles available. Also, as the video gets a wider audience, it gets a higher chance of trending on the app and among the viewers and the audiences of the app.

How to find CC videos?

To find videos available with closed captions or subtitles, you can search #CC on the app’s search bar. In such videos, the creators or upload of the video content have manually added the captions or subtitles that can be enabled or disabled by the viewer as per their convenience.

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