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What is Is it safe?

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Whether you’re reading the latest news, enjoying online videos, or shopping for your favourite products, a smooth and fast online experience is essential. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) have played an important role in making this possible by optimising the delivery of web content to users around the world. One such CDN that has caught the attention of many is

In this article, we have discussed what is, whether it is safe and the role and benefits of using

What is functions as a news delivery domain and uses a Content Delivery Network (CDN), a network of servers strategically positioned worldwide to deliver news content to users, regardless of their geographic location.

This domain is linked to FeedNews, and its primary purpose is to enhance the speed of news delivery on the platform. If you know about FeedNews, you know it as a news aggregation platform. But you might not know that it uses to reduce the roundtrip time, minimise latency, and enhance the overall user experience.

So, when you click on a news link associated with, you are being directed to the real news website, but it’s done through This redirection optimises the delivery of news content on the destination site.

That’s why you see in your web browser’s address bar during this process.

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Is Feednews safe?

The website is arguably safe — the website is like a helpful tool that makes it easy for you to get news — but the links included in the website can’t always be verified.

However, trusting all the links shared via Feednews isn’t recommended. Only trust news from sources you’re aware of and find credible. Some links found on the website during our research were also redirects, which isn’t entirely safe, especially if you find yourself on a malicious website following the redirect.

All in all, if you’re looking to get all of your news in a single app or website, there are multiple other much more credible sources that you could use, including Google News and Apple News, among several others.

What is the role of

  • Content Caching: One of the primary functions of is to cache content from the FeedNews app. When a user requests a news article or video, the CDN stores a copy of that content on its servers. This cache allows subsequent users in the same region to access the content faster, delivered from a nearby server rather than the distant origin server.
  • Load Balancing: helps distribute the load on FeedNews’ servers. By routing user requests to the nearest and least congested server, the CDN ensures a smooth and consistent user experience, even during high-traffic periods.
  • Security: CDNs like also provide security features like DDoS protection and web application firewalls, protecting the content and the user data from malicious attacks.
  • Content Optimisation: The CDN employs various techniques like image optimisation and content compression to reduce the size of assets, making them load faster and consume less bandwidth.
  • Global Reach: has a vast network of servers worldwide, ensuring that users across the globe can access FeedNews content with minimal latency.

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