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How to change the language on the Amazfit watch?

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One of the basic changes in any screen displayed gadget is language. Without that set correctly, you’re not going to be able to do much with your device.

Though when it comes to smartwatches this is mostly taken care of automatically by the smartphone’s system settings. That is to say when the watch is paired to the phone for the first time the language settings on your device will be automatically synced to your smartwatch.

If you want to make changes, though, here is a quick guide to help you change the language on a Amazfit watch. The below guide is performed on the Amazfit T-Rex Pro smartwatch.

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How to Change the Language on Amazfit watch?

Open the official Zepp app for the Amazfit branded devices. And follow the steps accordingly.

  • Go to the Profile option on the bottom right corner of the app’s home screen page.
  • Click on the Amazfit T-Rex Pro option under My devices.
  • Now tap on the System Language button.
  • A list of the already downloaded fonts will open, choose the desired language; and finally click OK to confirm the changes.

The Amazfit T-Rex pro supports English, Spanish, Russian, French, Turkish, Dutch, German, Polish, Chinese, Serbian, Vietnamese, Brazilian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and Italian.

What languages do Amazfit Watches support?

  • Chinese firmware supports Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English languages, the default language is English.
  • Latin firmware supports Italian, French, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese languages, the default language is Spanish.
  • Japan firmware supports Japan and Korea, the default language is Japanese.
  • RTL firmware supports Arabic and Hebrew, the default language is Hebrew.

Amazfit regularly updates its language library with the capture of the market space in different countries.

Note that Chinese version watch language cannot be changed

If the watch doesn’t support the language that you set, it will automatically change to its default language that is English.

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