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Is there a character limit to direct messages on Instagram?

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Instagram is one of the most famous and most used social networking apps. Instagram makes it easier to capture and create posts that you love, and you can connect with people and share your posts with them.

People make engaging content on Instagram, some of them trending worldwide. Instagram also allows building communities to connect people with similar interests.

Instagram is growing every day and brings new features for its users, but as you know, spammers are everywhere, and to stop them, Instagram takes strict measures like limiting DMs and DM characters and many etc.

This article discusses the character limit in DM and how many DMs you can send daily on Instagram.

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Instagram DM character limit

Instagram allows 1000 characters in a single DM which includes spaces, which is a lot less than what other social media apps provide but if you see 1000 characters are enough to convey your deepest feelings.

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How many DMs can you send in 24 hours?

Instagram never disclosed the limit for DMs as it differs for different types of accounts; a trusted and old account will be able to send at least 50-100 DMs in 24 hours, whereas new accounts can only send around 20-50 DMs in a window of 24 hours.

If you get a warning for sending too many messages, and you still continue to send messages, then you won’t be able to send DM for a period of time.

If you have upgraded to the new messenger feature of Instagram, you must know that you can only forward a single message to five chats.

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