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ChatGPT plans to rival Google: Web search with sources coming soon

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OpenAI is actively working on a feature that will enable ChatGPT to conduct web searches and provide responses with proper citations, potentially positioning it as a competitor to tech giants like Google and emerging startups such as Perplexity.

The upcoming feature is designed to empower users by allowing them to ask ChatGPT questions and receive answers enriched with information sourced from the web, accompanied by citations from reputable sources like Wikipedia and various blogs, reports Bloomberg.

Additionally, this feature may include visual aids like diagrams to complement textual explanations, aiming to enhance user understanding and engagement.

Although OpenAI has not officially confirmed these developments, industry speculation suggests that this initiative has made substantial progress. This move aligns with OpenAI’s vision to enhance ChatGPT’s capabilities amidst the evolving landscape of AI-driven chatbots and the growing importance of advanced search functionalities in the AI industry.

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Google Search is still the king of search engines. | Photo: PixieMe /

Perplexity, known for its AI-powered search engine emphasising accuracy and proper source situation, has garnered significant attention and valuation, further highlighting the competitive nature of the AI search domain. Meanwhile, Google is ramping up its efforts in AI-driven search experiences and is expected to unveil its plans for Gemini at its annual I/O event on May 14, 2024.

Speculation surrounding OpenAI’s enhanced search capabilities has surged across social media platforms. Users have noted the presence of a web page at, hinting at potential developments in this space. While OpenAI has refrained from official comments on these speculations, the redirection of this URL to the official ChatGPT website has sparked curiosity among enthusiasts.

This move by OpenAI signifies an expansion of ChatGPT’s functionalities. While the current version of ChatGPT can fetch basic online search results for specific queries, such as weather updates, the forthcoming search and citation feature promises to deliver more comprehensive and useful information. However, ongoing challenges, such as ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of information, remain focal points for continuous improvements.

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