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How to connect a Joy-con to your Android device and have no input lag?

The gush of nostalgia from playing classics of the past is a feeling that not many games can fulfil today. But playing them with your fingers all over the screen does not make for a pleasing experience. Thus, many users tend to connect external inputs to enjoy the occasional gaming session. The Joy-Cons make for the perfect retro gaming experience, especially if you already own a Switch.

The Joy-Con is some of the most exciting pieces of technology that have come out of Nintendo. The controllers can be bought individually or in pairs and are available in a wide variety of styles that pay homage to several games from Nintendo’s lineup.

These tiny controllers are rated to last for 20 hours on a single charge, making them perfect to carry around for on-the-go sessions, especially if emulating games on your phone is something you do. In this article, we show you how to connect Joy-cons to your Android device while overcoming any input lag.

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How to connect a Joy-Con to your Android device and avoid input lag?

This fix comes from Reddit user Ragdoll_Knight who discovered it while playing Pokemon Crystal on his phone. Although, using this method does have certain pre-requisites. You will need to own a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones and need a Discord server whose voice channel you can join.

During our testing, we found that this fix worked on a Samsung Galaxy J7 running Android 9 Pie and a OnePlus 6 running Android 10. The Reddit user himself was using a Moto Z running Android 7.1.1, so we can believe that this is a fix across the board and not limited to particular devices.

We recommend that you create your own Server for this purpose.

To make sure that there is no input-lag, follow the steps given in the exact order below:

Now, open Bluetooth settings again and begin connecting the Joy-Con. To do this, follow the steps mentioned below:

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