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How to create a group email in Outlook?

Group emails make life easier if you are in a profession that requires constant email communication with many people. It saves time and increases your work productivity.

In this article, we discuss how you can create a group email in Outlook. To send the email, first, you will have to create a group (previously known as a Distribution list). So, let us begin by creating a group and then sending an email to the group.

Create a contact group in Outlook

To send the email, you will have to first create a group in Outlook. This process is very easy and will take a few clicks to accomplish.

Step 1: Go to Outlook and then click on the Home button at the top.Step 2: Next, click on New items > More items (from the drop-down list)Step 3: After that, select Contact Group from the More Items drop-down menu and you will see a new window. Click on the Name box to enter the name of the group. Step 4: Now, it is time for you to add members to the group. First, click on Add members and then select an option from the drop-down menu. Outlook provides three ways using which you can add members to the group, which are as follows:

  • From Outlook Contacts: Select this option if you want to export the contacts from your Outlook contacts. Click on this option > Write the name of the contacts > OK.
  • From Address Book: This option lets you add contacts from your computer’s address book.
  • New Email contact: If the contact is new and is not on any list, you can add the email of the contact by selecting this option.

Step 5: Once you are done, click on Save and Close. Also read: How to change your signature in Outlook?

How to create Group emails in Outlook?

Now that you have created a group and added the members, you can send the emails to the group. Follow the steps given below to send the emails.

Step 1: Start Outlook and then click on Home > New Email.Step 2: Click on the To section and select the name of the group. As you can notice from the screenshot below, the group’s name is Group1. Step 3: Compose the email and then click on Send. Also read: How to schedule an email in Outlook?

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