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How to create a poll on Slack?

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Surveys and polls are the best and easiest method to gauge the views of your teammates. They can be a helpful tool to modify and upgrade the company and work culture as well as you get to know your employees better. Moreover, the company can perform better if there’s a two-way flow of information.

In this article, we will explain four tools which you can use to create polls and thus get a sure shot response from the employees and grow your business like never before.

You can create a poll on Slack by using one of the tools that are given below.

Survey Monkey

This poll tool comes with a default in-link feature, where the links are automatically linked to your surveys so that the team does not have to search for the work.

You can use the following commands in the Survey Monkey tool.

  • /ask: If you have one question of which you want an answer real quick, this command will come in handy. You will have to put the question as well as the options in quotes. For example, let us say you want to create a question about the working days in a week, so you will form the question as “How many working days should be there?”. Note the inverted commas at the beginning and the end of the question. To add the answer options to the above question, add the options in inverted quotes just like I have done — “5” “6” “4”. So, the complete poll question will look something like — “How many working days should be there?” “5” “6” “4”. That’s it! Get ready to collect the answers. Make sure to add space between each answer option as well as between the question and answers.
  • /survey: With this command, you can invite collaborators and can collect as well as share responses with the team.
  • /survey notifications: With this command, you can manage the response results instantaneously.

This is indeed a handy tool when it comes to posting polls on Slack.

You can find Survey Monkey here.

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Simple Poll

Another brilliant Slack tool for the poll results. Simple Poll allows you to create native and anonymised polls where you can add emojis and even limit the results. Here is how you can perform the following functions.

  • Native poll: Type /poll before the question to convert it into a poll. Remember to put the question and the options in inverted commas. Let us take the previous example where we had created a poll of working days in a week. If you have to survey the same question in Simple poll, do it in the following way — /poll “How many working days should be there?” “5” “6” “4”.
  • Anonymous poll: For an anonymised poll, you will have to write anonymous after the complete question as well as the answer options. For example, /poll “How many working days should be there?” “5” “6” “4” anonymous. Notice that I have written anonymous in the end.
  • Limit Votes: You can also limit the number of votes each member of your team can cast on the poll. For that, you will have to write limitX at the end of the question and the corresponding answer options, where X is the limit number. Look at the example to get a clear understanding of the process, /poll “How many working days should be there?” “5” “6” “4” limit1. As you can see that I have set the limit as 1, which means that each member of my team can cast a vote only one time.

Note: The limit votes feature is only available in the business plan. Also, once you have upgraded to the business plan, you will be able to use more tools and make your survey more exciting and user-friendly.

You can access Simple Poll here.

Poll Everywhere

This is yet another tool which allows you to create a poll on Slack. Below is the list of commands that you can enter to create a poll.

  • /pollev create: Write your survey question after this command to create a poll. For example, /pollev create How many working days should be there? Notice that I have not used the inverted commas.
  • /pollev-help: This command will show you a full list of options that you can use.

Poll Everywhere provides you with three ways by which you can share the results of the survey — by clicking on the response button, by sharing screenshots and by sharing links of the poll. This tool also allows you to create a poll question on Slack and get a response from the internet. Also, you can add emojis to your poll to make it look more aesthetically pleasing.

You can access Poll Everywhere here.

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Polly includes features such as automated reminders, advanced analytics — which will help you with trend analysis, demographics and cross-tabs) as well as API access. This tool has 8 question types and has the anonymity feature and a multi vote option. You can even hide the results with this tool.

You can access the Polly tool here.


Standuply is a poll bot and helps you to schedule the poll along with the corresponding answers. You will have to type the question in the following manner — /poll How many working days should be there? And then enter the preferences.

You can add the bot to Slack here.

Bonus Tip: If you don’t wish to install any of these third-party app to your Slack Workplace, you can always use emoticons to set up a poll. Just write the question and ask your team to vote for it via emoticons, which you can select accordingly.

So what are you waiting for; Create a poll and get a response from your team members in a matter of seconds using your preferred option from the ones mentioned above.

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