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How to create a poll in Telegram?

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Polling is one of the easiest ways to arrive at a decision: a get-together with friends or family or a Friday evening destination with colleagues. While Telegram has a built-in polling feature that works on channels and groups, you can also use one of the many third-party polling bots available on Telegram, some of which even allow you to have some fun with the polls with features that will enable you to create a quiz. 

Here we’ve covered the following topics around polling on Telegram.

How to create a poll in Telegram channels and groups?

While you can’t directly create a poll on personal chats via the built-in poll feature of Telegram, you can forward them after publishing the poll on a group or channel.

Go to a channel you own or a group and follow the steps mentioned below to create a poll in Telegram.

How to create a poll in Telegram?
  • Tap on the Attachment icon.
  • Then tap on the Poll icon (the fourth icon from the left; on the bottom of your screen).
  • Then add questions and options for the poll.
  • Then tap on Create button to create the poll.

You can also toggle the buttons besides Multiple Answers and Quiz Mode to enable the voters to choose more than one option and play a Q&A poll mode with only one correct answer, respectively.

How to create a poll in Telegram?

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How to forward and stop a Telegram poll?

Tap on it and select the Forward option (refer to the screenshot below) from the dropdown menu to forward the poll. You can choose a contact you want to forward the Telegram poll on the next page.

To stop a poll, tap on the poll and then in the menu, tap on the Stop Poll option.

How to create a poll in Telegram?

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How to create a universal poll in Telegram?

While this method allows you to create and share polls on individual chats and channels, this is the only way to create a poll directly in personal chats on Telegram.

If you don’t like the built-in Telegram poll feature, you can also use one of the available third-party bots for polling on Telegram, which have additional features.

How to create a poll in Telegram?
  • Tap on the Search icon.
  • Then search @vote.
  • You will get many bots that tap on VoteBot.
How to create a poll in Telegram?
  • Tap on the Start button to start creating your poll.
  • After that, you will get an option to make your poll public or anonymous. In a public poll, you will see the names who voted beside the option they chose, and in an anonymous poll, you cannot see the names.
  • Then Bot will ask you to send your question on which you want to create a poll. Type your question and tap on the Send button
How to create a poll in Telegram?
  • Type your first preferred choice and tap on the Send button. For example, if your question is “Which is your preferred travel destination?” your first option could be Beaches.
  • Then type your next choice and tap on the Send button. If you only want to give two options, you can stop here, and if you’re going to provide more options, continue typing other options and tap on the Send button.
  • Type /done and tap on the send button.
How to create a poll in Telegram?
  • Your poll is created. To publish your poll, tap on Publish poll option just below your created poll.
  • On the next screen, your contacts will appear. Select the contacts with whom you want to share this poll. You can publish your poll to any channel or group or any individual contact.
  • After opening the chat with the channel, a link will appear in your message box tap on that link.
  • Your poll is shared in the chat.

There are many bots available to create a poll on Telegram. You can search and select other bots to create a poll like “@pollbot and @GroupAgreeBot. While most of the basic functionality and the steps you need to follow the make a poll using any of the aforementioned third-party poll bots on Telegram are similar, you might find some unique features on some of these poll bots. 

Remember that these are third-party bots which aren’t owned or developed by Telegram. So, be careful about the information you share on these polls created via third-party polling bots.

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