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Why is my card declined on

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To facilitate fast and secured transactions between two media on the internet a form of eCash was first introduced in 1990. Today, it has evolved into Cryptocurrency— Digital currency consists of encrypted data stings secured by cryptography.

This digital currency is not regulated by a central authority and works freely as a medium of exchange through complex computer networks. And to use cryptocurrencies, you need a cryptocurrency wallet. The wallets are the tool through which you store your encryption keys that confirm your identity and link to your cryptocurrency.

Without regulators and a lack of crypto mining skills, cryptocurrency exchange companies have taken over the market to provide hassle-free cryptocurrency exchange.

And one such company is which allows users to purchase and sell top-value crypto tokens like ETH, BTC, SOL, DOGE, and 250+ other cryptocurrencies at their original cost without any extra fees.

In this article we will look at one of’s “card declined” errors and quick fixes to settle the issue.

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What does Card Declined mean On Crypto.Com?

Just like buying shares or dividends, to buy cryptocurrency you also require money to commence the transactions. And what better payment method than debit/credit transfer for smooth and reliable funding of your wallet for purchasing cryptocurrencies?

However being a centralised cryptocurrency exchange, any transfer of funds to the platform is required to be first verified by a financial institution before being processed. Such measures are taken by banks to safeguard its client from fraud.

And during the process of payment verification, if the error message “declined by issuer” appears it will signify that your card-issuing bank or institution has disapproved the transaction.

There can be many reasons for this error to occur and the most prominent are as follows:

Crypto transactions not supported by bank

All banking institutions differ in terms of their rules and regulations. And sometimes these policies can become barriers for traders or businessmen to transfer money to a different country.

If your card is allowed to be used in a particular country where the issuing institution is located, and you try to use it in a different country, then you may encounter this problem.

And when it comes to crypto-related transactions which have no governing body such transactions are most likely to trigger an alarm.

If you have recently started trading in crypto or are using a different card for your transactions then it is pertinent to first confirm with your bank that your card is approved for international/online purchases.

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Insufficient funds in your card

If you have multiple cards for different usages then it can happen that you forgot to keep the required balance for the transaction you processed.

So before jumping to other conclusions check the balance on your card and if it has a low balance then add some money and then retry completing the transaction on

Credit limit exceed

The credit/debit card limit depends on the yearly earnings of every individual. If you have exceeded the weekly or monthly limit set by your bank account then it is likely that the transaction you are doing will not get successfully processed.

In such a case either try using a different bank account for the trade or get your card withdrawal limit revised by the issuer.

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Problem with the server of your Card Issuer

Sometimes, the declined by issuer error occurs because of the server problems of your card issuing bank.

Either it is due to harsh weather conditions or your bank is running a maintenance drill at the time. The easiest fix is to wait for a little, say a few minutes and then try using the card again.

Error with the debit and credit card info

It is always wise to take a quick minute to review the card details on the payment window. if you provide incorrect card details, then you will surely get the card declined error message.

To be sure that this is not the issue the next time you fill in the details be extra attentive with details like card number, holder name and CVV number. And be sure that your card has not expired or been blocked.

Suspected fraud related to your card

If your card issuer suspects fraudulent activity from your account or is not convinced with the transaction then it can raise red flags. This is most likely to occur if you have recently reported an unsanctioned transaction from your account or the bank’s security was compromised resulting in an information leak.

To fix this, get in contact with your bank and apprise them about your identity and commission them to not flag transactions in your account.

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