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Venmo: There was an issue with your payment: Quick Fix

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Venmo is an American mobile payment service app which provides fast, safe and social payments between peer-to-peer. The application is one of the most user-friendly mobile payment platforms owned by Paypal.

Most of the time, it runs pretty smoothly, but nothing is always immune to errors. Venmo users are occasionally interrupted with an error “There was an issue with your payment” which causes an undue delay in money transfer.

There are several reasons for this error to occur, and mainly it is by either your bank or there are issues in your app or device. For a detailed breakdown of all the possible problems and their solutions, refer to the guide below.

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An issue with data connection or App server

Venmo is a mobile payment app, and it’s only natural that most of the transactions are done while you are out and about. Internet connection fickles based on the place and weather conditions.

If your connection times out or you lose your data in the middle of the transaction processing, then Venmo will deny or cancel that payment.

Plus, it’s not always an issue on your end sometimes, the app server can also crash or work poorly considering the traffic on the app.

To solve the issue, you can try making the transaction on an entirely different internet connection, connect with local wifi, try switching Airplane mode on or wait a couple of hours to see if the server issue gets corrected.

Insufficient funds in your Venmo account

Money in your Venmo account is made up of any payments you’ve received from friends that you have neither spent, sent, nor transferred to your bank account.

If you regularly use the app to make payments to friends and merchants via direct transfer, QR code or Venmo debit card without having constant credit in your Venom Account, then soon enough, you will exhaust all your balance in the account.

Also, like any other payment app, Venmo allows users to link a bank account with the platform to overcome any such issue. But most people connect their secondary bank account with an online payment service app as a safeguard to protect in times of fraud, So they don’t lose all their money.

It is wise that before attempting to make a Venmo payment, make sure you have enough funds in your account to cover the amount.

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Venmo automated security Red flag trigger

To further its security measures, Venmo has introduced an automated security system where in if actions like re-submission of a wrong password or repeated payments are frequent on an account, then the platform will itself cease further operation from the account until the owner is reverified.

The security feature allows Venmo to review account and transaction activity at various times, including when bank transfers are initiated. Plus suspicious and illegal activities from the stolen card, compromised bank account, or compromised Venmo account are immediately blocked with account suspension.

In case of a false alarm by Venmo, aggrieved users can directly contact the customer support team of the service provider and furnish certain documents the platform asks to unfreeze the account.

Note instead of replying to any messages sent by Venmo regarding the seizure of your account to your registered email id, it is better to contact them from your end, so you can stay clear of spam messages and links.

Incorrect Debit or Credit Card Details

Venmo interface does not allow its users to use a new payment id without verifying the details beforehand. This is done to safeguard the users from encountering any glitch at a later stage.

And once it has successfully verified the account, your card details will automatically get stored with the payment service provider to facilitate smooth transactions every time.

But it might happen that your Debit or Credit card has expired after the verification was completed or you have blocked your card due to any security breach or loss of your current card.

In such a case, if you have forgotten to update the details of your new card or even a small change in your credit or debit card was not reported with the app, then it can trigger Venmo to decline your payments.

Always take a quick minute to review the payment information on your account before jumping to conclusions and contacting customer service about the issue.

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Bank server issue

This is one of the very common issues relating to online payments. If you have exhausted your Venmo account balance and are transferring money to a friend or a merchant using a registered bank account, then it is likely that due to some technical glitch on your bank sever the payment can not be processed successfully.

You can confirm this issue by using the same bank account for transferring money via a different payment source like Paypal or others. And if there is again an issue with the payment, you can establish the blame.

In such a case, all you need to do is use a different bank account to complete any urgent payments or wait for some hour to resolve the server issue by your bank.

Exceeded payment limits

Venmo has quite strict policies regarding the platform’s withdrawal and spending limit. Many people do not realize that they are over their payment limits until they get a notification that there was an issue with their payment on Venmo.

Without the verification for the account, you have a lower weekly spending limit of just $299.99 which can go up to $6,999.99/week for authorised merchant payments and $4,999.99 weekly spending in case of peer-to-peer payments all subject to the completion of Venmo account verification.

However, your transactions may be declined for other reasons, such as the daily purchase limit can only be $3,000.00, and you can not do more than 30 transactions per day (this limit resets daily at 12:00 AM CST).

You can find such restrictions annoying sometimes, but this is done by the company so that people do not overspend and in case of any fraud, not all of their money is sacked at once.

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Payment declined by the bank

If you receive an error message that says something like, “We lost connection with your bank,” you’ll need to delete the bank account from your Venmo account and add it back again.

This can happen if you have recently changed your online banking password or your bankers have paused any activity from your account for some time in suspicion of unwarranted payment or any other issue.

In such a case, you need first to contact your bankers to clear any outstanding matter and then again add your account with Venmo and reverify the account providing all relevant information.

The Venmo app isn’t working correctly

Sometimes a snag in the system can affect the application’s working, which in return hampers any ongoing transaction. Make sure you regularly update the application to remove such glitches and only use the latest version of the app.

Plus If you are having problems completing the account Identity verification process it is mostly due to an outdated app version that does not contain document requirements according to any new Venmo policies which keep on changing from time to time.

Deletion of the Venmo app from your device will not affect your Venmo account or your funds on the platform.   

Contact Venmo Support

If you have tried all the above-mentioned fixes, but still you are unable to proceed with the transaction then it is likely that your account is either been suspended by the service provider or is been hacked.

At this time it is best that you contact Venmo customer support as early as possible to resolve any misunderstanding or other issues.

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