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How to delete the Doordash account?

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Doordash is a food delivery service provider that connects merchants and consumers through its platform. Doordash makes it easier for restaurant owners to deliver food to their customers as they don’t have to hire delivery drivers, it also helps restaurants to expand their business as well.

The Doordash account cannot be deleted through its mobile app, the Doordash account can only be deleted through the webpage.

In this article, we have discussed how to delete the Doordash account through account settings on the webpage in a few simple steps.

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How to delete the Doordash account?

If you want to delete the Doordash account and your data from the Doordash on your own through account settings then follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the website of Doordash and log in to your account. Click on the Menu (Triple horizontal lines) icon.

Step 2: In the drop-down menu, click on the Account option.

Step 3: In the account details page click on the Manage Account tab.

Step 4: On the next page, click on the Delete Account (in red) option at the end of the box.

Step 5: Doordash will send a verification code to your registered number, enter the code and then click on the Submit button.

Step 6: It will give you a warning message that your account, data and any credits and gift cards will be deleted permanently, if you have no credits or gift cards in your account or even if you have and still want to delete your account then click on the Continue button.

Step 7: This is the final step, it will ask you again whether you want to delete your account or not, click on the Delete Account button to delete your account permanently.

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