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How to delete Duolingo account?

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Duolingo is a famous language learning platform known for its diligence in keeping you on track. They have perky animations on your notifications with a sad or angry face if you break your streak. Duolingo sends many notifications via mobile and email. However, you can change this in the app settings.

In this article, we offer condolences and guide you on how to delete your Duolingo account. They take around 30 days to erase all of your data completely.

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Deleting Duo account on PC

Log into your Duolingo account through their website. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Click on your profile icon at the top-right corner.

How to delete Duolingo account?

Step 2: From the given options, select Settings and this will first open up the Account page

How to delete Duolingo account?

Step 3: Scroll down and click on Delete My Account. It won’t be hard to miss as it is coloured in red and presented as the last option.

How to delete Duolingo account?

Remember that you can log out and disable your account if you change your mind. You will get an email on your registered email to confirm your decision.

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Deleting Duo account on the app

There is no option to delete your Duolingo account using their app. You can uninstall the app, but it will not delete your data. If you want to be completely cut off from Duolingo, you can always visit Duolingo’s Drive-thru page. This page is best accessed on a desktop.

Via Drive-thru

Duolingo is transparent in providing you with ways to get a copy of all your personal data and delete the same. Their Drive-Thru page is their Data Vault, where they store private information collected from their users.

Get your data

You can click on their Access Personal Data option to get a copy of your personal data. This request will take around 30 days, after which you can view what kind of data Duolingo stores regarding you.

Delete your data

All Super Duolingo or Duo Plus accounts are still charged until their subscription is revoked. Hence, deleting any data or uninstalling the app will not help pause or stop your subscription.

How to delete Duolingo account?

Once you choose to erase your data, all of your progress, XPs and gems collected are erased. You are also completely wiped from your followers’ accounts. This process is irreversible. You can also, if you change your mind, reactivate your account. In that case, you will receive an email to affirm the same.

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