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Does Duolingo work offline?

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Whether you are a travel freak or just commuting on the bus or train to your job, catching up on some Duo lessons can help you maintain your streak. Duolingo is the world’s most popular language learning platform where users worldwide participate.

This article discusses whether Duolingo can be used offline when you don’t have network coverage.

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Learning languages offline

If you don’t want to break your current streak on Duolingo but cannot get some time or are travelling, doing lessons offline helps. You may encounter the following situations whilst attempting this feat:

Opening app offline

If you open the app when your phone is not connected to the internet, the lessons will not open, especially if your phone has not been connected to the internet in a while. In this case, you may have to connect to the internet to pre-load some lessons.

Opening Duo website

You cannot pre-load lessons or use Duolingo if you are opening Duolingo on your desktop. The homepage remains the same, and clicking on any option leads you to a white page. Thus, Duolingo cannot be used offline through its website.

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Is there any hope?

Yes, you can play Duolingo offline only if you have opened a lesson on their app. This helps the lesson to pre-load and if you lose network in the middle of any lesson, you don’t have to worry.

Duolingo’s app saves your progress and updates it accordingly when it gets within a network range. So yes, you can recover your streak; however, the chances of completing more than one lesson are slim. However, you will not get this chance on iOS.

Using Duolingo offline

Previously, Duolingo allowed its courses to be downloaded but has since removed this feature. Super Duolingo does not have this feature currently as well.

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