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How to delete Instacart account?

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Ordering things online has now become an everyday thing for most households. With apps coming up around delivering everyday essentials like groceries, this trend is becoming more and more popular.

Instacart is one such service that provides pick-up or delivery services for your groceries. However, you can delete your account with them if you decide not to use the app.

In this article, we’re going over how you can delete your Instacart account from your PC or phone. 

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Deleting Instacart account

Since Instacart doesn’t have a dedicated account deletion button, you will have to reach out to their customer support. Here’s how. 

Deleting Instacart account from PC

Follow these steps if you’re on your computer. 

Step 1: Fire up your web browser, head to the Instacart Help Center website and log into your account. 

How to delete Instacart account?

Step 2: Click the My Account section. 

How to delete Instacart account?

Step 3: Click Account Information. 

How to delete Instacart account?

Step 4: Now click on I still need help. 

How to delete Instacart account?

Step 5: Click Chat with Us. 

How to delete Instacart account?

Step 6: Inform the Instacart care agent that you want to delete your account, and they’ll take it from there.

How to delete Instacart account?

Pending refunds, if any, will be transferred to your linked bank account, and your account will be deleted in the next 72 hours.  

Deleting Instacart account from your phone

If you’d rather use your phone instead, follow these steps. 

  • Open the Instacart app and tap the hamburger menu icon in the top left. 
  • Tap Instacard Express.
  • Scroll down and find the Cancel membership button. Tap it to proceed.
  • When the confirmation notification comes up, tap Continue to cancel. 

Alternatively, you can also follow the steps mentioned above to delete your account using your phone’s web browser. You can also reach out to Instacart’s phone support and ask them to delete your account by dialling 18882467822.

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