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How to delete your Wattpad account?

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How to delete your Wattpad account? In three easy steps

Toronto-based Wattpad is a social storytelling platform launched in 2007 by Allen Lau in partnership with Ivan Yuen, which has grown to an 80-million strong community of readers and writers that spend an average of 23 billion minutes on the platform each month. However, Wattpad isn’t only a community but also has in-house studio and publishing — namely, Wattpad Studios and Wattpad Books. These two in-house products encourage the creators of the platform to write stories that could end up being published by Wattpad or turned into a movie or a series by their studio.

Although unique in its own sense, Wattpad is one of the hundreds of social networks available to people and with so much to consume, it’s normal for users to switch platforms when they don’t find suitable media for consumption on one. So, if you’re thinking about permanently deleting your Wattpad account, we’ve put together a simple guide for you here.

Things to keep in mind before deleting the account

Before you begin the process, you should know that closing your Wattpad account will free up your current username, which can then be used by someone else to create a new account with the same username and you won’t be able to restore your original account after that. However, you can restore your account by signing in again.

Once you’ve permanently deleted your Wattpad account, in addition to your username, you’ll lose access to your libraries, read lists, private and public messages, comments, personal written works.

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How to delete your Wattpad account?

You can only delete your Wattpad account via the web — either on your PC or a web browser on your smartphone. The option isn’t available on Android and iOS apps. Login to your Wattpad account on the website and follow the steps below to close your account.

Step 1: Click on your profile name at the top-right of the display and from the drop-down menu click on Settings.How to delete your Wattpad account? In three easy steps Step 2: Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Close Account (located on the right side on PC).How to delete your Wattpad account? In three easy stepsStep 3: Fill in the information and check the box that reads: Yes, I’m sure. Please close my account. Then enter your password in the box below and click on Close Account.How to delete your Wattpad account? In three easy steps To confirm if your account has been closed or not, type “” and replace “X” with the username of the account you just closed. If the account has been successfully closed, you’ll see a “User not foundpage. Signing into your account immediately after deleting it will restore it through the self-restoration process.

Once you’ve deleted your Wattpad account, it might still show up in Google search results for a few weeks.

How to recover a deleted Wattpad account?

If you’re having second thoughts after deleting your Wattpad account — as mentioned above — simply sign in back to the account to reactivate it. If you’re looking to recover your Wattpad account after some time of deleting it, follow this link.

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