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How to delete a Youtube account?

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Youtube is the most popular online streaming platform with over 1 billion users worldwide. Thus, it is a great platform for making money along with gaining popularity. You can use Youtube for educational purposes as well as for propaganda.

Furthermore, you can embed Youtube videos in PowerPoint as well as Wordpress to make your presentation or article cool and educational.

Deleting Youtube account is a bit tricky — you cannot delete the account from Youtube account. You will have to sign in on Google Accounts and then follow a set of steps. Here, we will show you how you can delete your Youtube account.

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How to delete a Youtube account?

To delete your Youtube account, you will have to sign in on the Google Accounts page. Here, you can see all the Google services that you are currently using.

It is from here, that you can delete your Youtube account. To delete the Youtube account, follow the steps given below.

  • Sign in on the Google Accounts.
  • On the left menu, click on Data and Personalisation.
  • On the main screen, click on Delete a service or your account option under the Download, Delete or make a plan for your data heading.

  • Now, click on Delete a Google service. Enter the Google password.

  • Here, you will see all the Google services that you are currently using.
  • Click on the Delete icon at the right of the Youtube.

  • Now, if you want to permanently delete the account, click on I want to permanently delete my content.
  • Tick on the list of the contents and then click on Delete My Content.

Note: Your Youtube playlists, subscriptions, subscriber list, comments, messages and search history will be deleted.

This method will delete only the Youtube account and will have no effect on other Google services. Also, you can use this method to delete your other Google services account.

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How to hide my Youtube channel?

To hide your Youtube channel, follow the above steps and then click on I want to hide my channel. Here, your comments and replies will be deleted.

The following information will be hidden:

  • Channel name.
  • Your public playlist, if any.
  • Likes, Subscriptions and Youtube subscribers.

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