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How to delete Whisper account?

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Social networking websites have been increasingly getting more popular over the past decade. In the world of Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, Whisper brings a twist to the social media game — anonymous sharing.

Whisper is a social media app, but it allows people to remain anonymous while chatting, sharing posts, photos or videos. It is available to download on Android and iOS.

While the app offers anonymous posting and sharing, it has been subject to some criticism over the past years due to privacy concerns that arose over its handling of data.

If you’re looking to offload the Whisper app and want to get rid of your account and remove all the personal data from Whisper’s servers, you’re going to have to delete your Whisper account and here is how to do that.

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Delete Whisper account

Although there’s an in-app option to request Whisper account deletion, the best and most straightforward way is to write an email to their support team. This is because that’s what the in-app option will make you do after you’ve had tapped for a while.

If you’re looking to go the in-app way, tap on the profile icon >> Gear (settings) / triple-vertical dots option on the top-right >> Email Support >> Account Deletion.

The app will now redirect to your preferred emailing app on the phone, and you’ll have to write the following email. So, since it’s all the same, we recommend you directly start from the emailing app and follow the template below.

You can follow the format of the email given below — simply copy paste and add the relevant details.


Subject:  Request to delete Whisper account /or/ Whisper account deletion


Dear Whisper support,

I am a registered user of the Whisper app and would like to put in a request to delete my account. Kindly guide me through the process. Following are the basic details to identify my Whisper account as well as to contact me in case you need any more details.

Registered email address/Phone Number: 

Thank you

Alternatively, you can also try emailing to delete Whisper account.

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Yatharth Singh

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