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How to send videos on Discord?

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Discord is one of the most popular VoIP chat applications available at the moment. The program is cross-platform and is available just about everywhere, making it super inclusive to new audiences.

There’s about every feature in the app that you’d expect from a modern-day messaging app. From voice/video calls to the ability to share media, you’re truly free to communicate in your way on Discord.

In this article, we’re taking a look at how to send videos on Discord.

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Uploading a video on Discord

Before you get all trigger happy and start sharing giant 8k videos on Discord, there are a few limitations in place you need to know about.

When uploading a media file on Discord, the maximum file size you’re allowed is 8MB for free users. If you’re using the $4.99 Discord Nitro plan, you’re allowed to go as high as 50MB or 100MB on the $9.99 Nitro plan.

As you can guess, this severely limits the video sharing options for free users. However, you can try and compress your videos using apps like Handbrake, which even has a compression template for Discord and Discord Nitro. 

Sending videos themselves on Discord is rather easy. Here’s how.

How to send a video on the Discord PC app?

Follow these steps to share videos on Discord.

Step 1: Open Disord and head over to the server or DM where you want to share the video. Click on the plus sign right at the beginning of the text box at the bottom.

How to send videos on Discord? | Candid.Technology

Step 2: Navigate to the folder where your video is, select it and click Open.

Discord will automatically start uploading the file. You can then send it as a regular message by pressing enter. Alternatively, you can directly drag and drop the file into the needed conversation or channel.

How to share videos on Discord mobile app?

The steps for sharing video on the Discord mobile app are more or less the same. 

  • Open Discord and head over to the conversation or server where you want to share the video. Tap on the image icon in the bottom left.
  • Discord will open up your gallery. Select the video you want to share and tap the send arrow.

Discord will automatically upload your video. Note that the file size restrictions still apply. 

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